Preparing for the future; the Goalkeeping situation at the club

Good morning All,

Not much going on and nothing new to report; how soon before we start discussing prayer and fasting or would #OccupyDalung produce results faster? Having a blog under these circumstances is the second most difficult task on earth. Lord help me.

Well, as I sat wondering what to write, I got thinking of our goalkeeping situation yet again. We currently have four senior goalkeepers – Fatau Dauda, Theophilus Afelokhai, Ikechukwu Ezenwa and Friday Achimugwu. I’ll love to drop my thoughts on all four. I have freedom of speech on my blog, don’t I?

Fatau Dauda was signed by the club in December 2016 and he came well experienced and well travelled. It was a signing that didn’t and still doesn’t make a lot of sense, not because I have any personal issues with Dauda, but because there was Afelokhai who was still at the club. And in terms of quality, there’s not so much to choose between both of them.

Dauda began as a sort of an away day charm for us, winning us decent points in those early games till somehow the honeymoon ended. Dauda became first choice home or away. Strangely, rather than Afelokhai rise up to the challenge, he sort of threw in the towel without much of a challenge. He seemed quite ok with playing second fiddle and playing from the bench.

Then the big shock, we stepped up and signed Ikechukwu Ezenwa- Super Eagles goalkeeper the season after that. I won’t say much about him till the end of the season when we make a decision as we clearly cannot have all three of them at the club. Hopefully the club has a plan, they should, shouldn’t they? There’s no way all three can remain at the club.

But It’s the fourth man in the fire I’m more interested in because unknown to a lot of people, Friday Achimugwu is not just the youngest but he is the most talented goalkeeper in our team. He is fourth in the order but that is because for some reason those making decisions are more about the hype than taking care to observe talent, quality and longevity.

Achimugwu is clearly the one for the future and it’s about time we started planning with that in mind. You observe the attitude of the trio ahead of him in the pecking order (especially in training) and you see those basic elements of hunger and positive attitude which keeps a player on their toes and constantly improving is missing.

I don’t know what Achimugwu’s contract situation is and how much longer he will stay with us, but I’ll long for him to man our posts for a very long time in the future. I think he has the quality to become one of the best goalkeepers in this country. And like my reports on Ikouwem, this is an honest, sincere and unbiased post. And for the records, I’ve never had any conversation with Achimugwu before.

I’m gonna nicely and quietly tuck in my “I told you so” blog post for the future.

That’s all for today,

Back tomorrow



Are we spending too much on NPFL player salaries?

Good morning All,

Oh I felt it. The pain of Sunday’s defeat and in no small way, the blog felt it too. There was almost nothing happening here on the blog all through yesterday with only a handful of the visits we are used to. I get it, I wish I can help it. Clearly I can’t. I need to start fasting and praying for better times at the club.

So what’s for today? Something quite delicate and I tell you, it took me a great deal of reluctance to actually get myself to writing this blogpost today. It’s been a trend for a little while, spanning into years and into the history of our club. It’s Enyimba and her rash and largely overhyped signings.

I felt the nod from most of you especially those who have been around the club for a while. We are very spendthrift. We would start off every season with tonnes of players and before long, we find out that most of them are the wrong signings. To make matters worse, they usually are on very crazy salaries too.

I’m ruffling some feathers today, no doubt but I think it’s time someone spoke of it. We have some players who earn over half a million every month. Some much closer to that million mark. And when you compare this salary with reciprocal game time /output on the field of these players, you’ll be grossly disappointed. We have a player who is on about 700K who have not made up to five starts this season!

To be honest, this did not start this season. It’s been up for a while – for instance, we just sign up anyone who has the record of having scored a goal at some point in their lives and at the end of the season, they can only boast of two or three league goals. We had one sometime ago, a certain Raphael Boumsong who went an entire season without any league goal.

Why do we have strikers on bumper salaries who can’t offer us 7 goals in an entire season? Many have suggested this goal-drought is diabolical – many say there are things that happen only at the club but to be honest, I think that’s bullshit. Anyone meddling with juju and voodoo is only digging a grave for himself. It’s not a curse – it’s actions and consequences.

I think as a matter of urgency, the club must reevaluate her transfer policy and the salaries they hand out. And while I’m talking Enyimba today, this extends to every other NPFL club. Someone needs to sit and ask if paying a footballer an amount the regular bank manager won’t make in a month is even wise.

Yes I understand Football is a short career and you’ll need to get as much as you can while you still got your legs but performance-related salaries is a win-win for everyone. It will push players to optimum levels which in turn reflects on the results the club posts. Our condoning mediocrity is the reason why our players can’t pass European trials.

It also will put a spotlight on coaching and coaches. Every coach should have a dossier on each player on the team- a picture of their strengths and weaknesses and how they can within a specific time frame improve that player. There are lifestyles that inhibit peak athlete performance – if players know their performance is related to their pay check, they will make smarter lifestyle choices for themselves.

I hope we can fix this situation otherwise we will keep boasting of the largest paycheck in the league yet posting mediocre results.

Back tomorrow


Enyimba sign Sunday Adetunji and some exciting stuff for our blog audience

Good morning All!

We making progress, aren’t we? Baby steps maybe but some water got squeezed out of the rock. Finally we have a transfer confirmed by the Enyimba Secret Club. Where the omertà code is what governs all that’s said and done! The club has announced the signing of Abia Warriors striker Sunday Adetunji.

We did mention it on the blog a few days ago, after we learned that the Esosa deal didn’t pull through. True to their nature, the club eventually nodded in agreement. We understand that it’s a loan deal – just like the transfer of Peter Onyekachi two seasons ago. What that means is – if for some reason someone is willing to buy him, we’ll get zilch zero nothing.

But that’s ok. We don’t really care, do we? The other angle is the fact that we do look very abundant in strikers right now. Evidently Enyimba is a club founded on the basis of money – we can sign anyone out there who has ever scored a goal in his life. I can quickly count on my fingers and name 8 strikers at the club. Don’t be too surprised, it’s more or less a tradition for us.

Moving forward, we have a few innovations courtesy of the blog. This weekend, we have fans go head to head on twitter for a chance to win 5000 Naira. Yep 5K. This Saturday at about 7pm local time. We are speaking with our sponsor to make it a weekly thing but he’s yet to ok it. As it stands, it’s probably going to be every two weeks! More details in tomorrow’s blog.

Also we are introducing a special Thursday evening blogpost titled “Corner-Kick”! It’s an opinion piece and it is open to anyone who wants to air his views on any issue relating to the club. The first post will be up here on the blog later today and I’ve looked at it- you don’t wanna miss it. It’s that good!

The boys head to Côte d’Ivoire as the return legs of the CAF Confederations Cup comes upon us. I can’t possibly imagine how they have had to keep up their fitness and concentration levels with the no League action and no salaries. We just have to get a result from somewhere if we have hopes of making it into the semis. Hopefully we can rouse ourselves as at other times to see this one out.

Finally for today, if you have some free data, I’ll encourage you to get on YouTube and search for past Enyimba matches on there. I did spend sometime watching a couple yesterday and it did make me feel some good. You should too, if you can.

That’s all for today, there’s “Corner-kick” in a few hours.

Back tomorrow


Decisions, decisions and better decisions

Good morning All,

So we are doing some construction work – watch watch so you don’t hurt yourself around here. There are some nails lying around the floor and some wood is being cut: thread along carefully so you don’t injure yourself. ThatEnyimbaFan blog is being worked on- hope you like what you see.

First we got the domain – I told you about that two days ago; we are now at The idea is to add some prestige and value to what we do here. We got a professional touch to the design layout as well and so far I love what I’m seeing. I hope you do too. We have more plans coming up for this and no don’t worry, it will always remain a free blog!

Today’s thoughts are on our choice for leaders within the team. And while I’m not trying to ridicule the decisions made by the management, we just need to highlight them such that we can learn from these failings. Our decisions and choices this season have been less than stellar. Simply put, awfully poor.

We already talked about the bad decision of appointing a gaffer whose more recent record left lot to be desired. Aigbogun 2.0 will go down in history as the one gaffer who went on a back to back disappointing spells on the same job. Personally I feel if he had stayed till the end of the season, he probably would have ended well but he didn’t – (the Flying Eagles job offer interrupted) and he will always be viewed as a failure at Enyimba.

Then there is the choice of a captain. We chose Mfon Udoh as the captain for yet another season and it hasn’t proved a masterstroke in any way; no thanks to his recent injury record. On the blog here, I remember praising the decision – it has turned out a bad one. So yea while I fault the decision now, the management couldn’t have known it will turn out this badly. Aside his injury records, you wanna look at the player and find out if he even wants to stay at the club. I could be wrong but absolutely nothing shows he wants to. Hopefully we can learn from this.

Then the assistant captains. Ifeanyi Anaemena and Andrew Abalogu. Good servants of the club who have been around for a while. Two of the six still at the club since our last title win. But they have hardly even featured for us this season. Injury worries as well but I don’t think it is easy that every captain we have chosen this season have been struck with injuries for most of the season. Something is not right.

Again you wanna look off the pitch too. Have our captains lived up to the billing? No they haven’t. Chinedu Udoji was not only a captain who stayed on in his post for a while, but he was also a regular. Udoji would never shy away from a game. Same for Markson Ojobo who was a deputy captain toward his last days with us. Don’t you miss these warriors? I most certainly do!

Udoji would tell me that his activities off the pitch was more important than what he did on the pitch. He would deny himself some things he would have loved to do because he knew he was the leader of the team. Was it a surprise he was quickly appointed captain at Kano Pillars shortly after he joined them? I don’t think so.

Going forward, our choices for leaders have to be guys who earned it. They may be my friends off the pitch but Mfon, Andrew and Anaemena have not deserved being the leaders in this team this team!

Back tomorrow

‘ EnyimbaEnyi

Enyimba sign Esosa Igbinoba and other transfer activity

Good morning Guys!

Twas quite interesting, the feedback we got on on the site yesterday. Good numbers – please, keep them coming. Every visit here is very well appreciated, and I’ll ensure your daily visits are fruitful! Again, thank you for always coming and please bring your friends along.

Very quickly we’d talk a little about the new guys in the team right now. This is by no means a comprehensive list of all but I’ll share the little I’ve got. Of course our official handles aren’t at liberty to tell us the names of our players – so please make do with the ones I’ve got for you here right now. Ok, that’s that for the introductory crap.

I’ll start from the known to the unknown. Our (ThatEnyimbaFan) friend Franco Koffi has indeed left the club. He was one we hoped would be immense in midfield for us, albeit it didn’t work out. So he leaves with his cute Brazilian name and having not contributed anything of note to our cause this season. Fare thee well Franco.

On the intakes, we have a name that would surprise many – Esosa Igbinoba. The former Nasarawa United/Rivers United player is now an Enyimba player. He arrived a couple of weeks ago and will don the number 28 for us. He plays in Central midfield and a couple of seasons ago, he was the highest scoring midfielder in the League. I think he was pretty much average when he played for Rivers United, perhaps that is more as a result of the surrounding there than his ability.

After Esosa is a certain Jean Marie Guera. Guera is a signing I’m genuinely excited about as he is actually pretty decent. He is an attacking midfielder and can play in the heart of midfield. Remember when we played Energies FC in the Continent? Well, he was their captain and that two legged triumph did profit us as he switched soon afterwards when we came knocking. He takes up the number 30 jersey Franco vacated.

You can be rest assured there will be further transfer activity by the time the League resumes – whenever the League resumes. The League resumption is in itself another kettle of beans, with the current crisis Nigeria’s football body, the NFF is embroiled in.

It is shocking that a country of this size and Football pedigree can have its football being tossed back and forth by a man currently on a CAF as well as FIFA ban. I mean this fellow has been at the Court of Arbitration of Sports and his case was thrown out. Yet this fellow keeps holding us to ransom. It’s a real shame.

Maybe someday, we will grow our systems to become stronger than any human. Maybe someday we would get to the point where we can hold our administrators accountable to the rule of the law.

Finally, you must have heard of the new thing in town- The Higher Institutions Football League. Check @HiFLNigeria. It means exactly what it sounds; and should these guys stay sane and run this well, maybe we will have something that will get our League organizers wake up and smell the coffee – Football fans have something else to engage them. Put this on TV and I’ll be watching every game!

Back tomorrow,


Yet another fallout from the Sundowns defeat. 

Good morning everyone. 

I should be seething, like really livid this morning but it’s not necessary. I have ascended beyond that. Because someone acts immature doesn’t mean I should condescend to their level and do same. 

Surely not the good morning you’re used to receiving from me. Well it appears that the fallout from our Sundowns defeat will cause much more than we bargained for. I would like to address a few stuff. 

First of all, there’s no law that says you must agree with everything written here, you’re a human, an adult and that means you have the right to think or believe anything. I can come here and say, Ronaldo is not better than Olivier Giroud, it’s my view, my choice and as an adult, or even a child, I am free to express my thoughts. 

This blog is not santioned by anyone. It’s a personal blog. Think of it as when you’re watching a game at a football Centre. Anyone can have their own opinions. The blog is just a medium whereby we grow support for our club and our players. We get calls from people from far and near asking us for what we think of some players. We give our honest reviews and most of the time, it is usually positive. 

Here on the blog, we celebrate players, we wax lyrical about them when they have exceptional games and because we can praise them when they do well, that also guarantees us the right to criticize them when they perform badly. The day you signed up to become footballer, you signed the dotted lines for this. 

It is not a crime for a player to have a bad game, no human ever has 100% performance in games all the time, it never happens. Some days are bad, some are good and the majority of players who visit this blog daily know we represent them well most of the time for them. 

We watch the European games every weekend. We know Joe Hart can commit a blunder, we know John Terry can give away a penalty, we know Koscielny can score an own goal. Why? Because they are humans. So when a journo who has sang praises of you in the past decides to say you had a bad game, what he did for you is actually for your good. 

You know you are not perfect. You know you are looking to improve but when you cannot even walk up to your coach and say, “this is my problem, how can I improve?” Then you will never improve and that thing which you refused to accept that it needs working on, will keep showing up in your game and although no one will ever tell you, it would be the limitation to your future. 

Your Attitude is more powerful than your skills and talent. Your Attitude to correction, your Attitude to a poor performance, your Attitude to reprimands, that’s the difference between being top class and being just a name people know. Your poor attitude is preventing you from your next level. 

Someone said, a bad attitude is like a flat tyre, with it you can’t go very far. Some people want to sit back and continue with the way they are, that’s fine but how about promising yourself that you will improve such that we will eat our words. 

From the same game where someone hurled insults at us on the blog, another player who we criticized yesterday on the blog wrote this below. 

Good morning my friend, thanks so much. You are making me to work hard.Don’t worry my brother i will score goals for Enyimba.Its my job to score.Its like you don’t know me, I just came in to the team.I will make u guys happy. You are doing your job and I understand. Thanks and God bless. 

Attitude. Class. This humbled me. 

God bless you too Ifeanyi Onuigbo. I’m putting you in my prayers too. You will score goals, plenty of goals for Enyimba. 

Back tomorrow. 


In Salute of Chima Akas.

Good morning All. It’s Saturday, everyone’s favourite morning of the week.

Today we hope to start what should be the first of a monthly series titled ‘the most outstanding player of the month’. Applause applause everyone. Nice.

The series will focus mainly on the most outstanding player of the out gone month and maybe in the days ahead, it will come along with some physical accolade maybe. But for now, we’ll just write about such person and celebrate them here on the blog. The posts should always be on a Saturday, the first Saturday of the new month. Like today :).

Here on the blog we try to be consistent, with our daily posts, blabbing and ranting the best we can and try to make sense of everything that happens from a fans point of view. This blog is not the voice of the club nor are the thoughts shared here representative of the club’s stance. We actually run independently just so everyone would be clear.

Our most outstanding player for the month of May is left back Chima Akas.


I remember a somewhat distress phone call one of the senior players in the team made just after the Super Four in Uyo earlier in the season after news emerged that Akwa United were to unveil Akas. This player was visibly worried and I wondered, Left Back isn’t our biggest headache right now so what’s the fuss? Why lose sleep over the position when you’ve got Aloma and Uwadiegwu?

But there was a strange turn of events and Akas signed as our player. I still was unmoved. Based on his performances as captain of the CHAN Eagles, I was hardly convinced he was going to be any good for us. But he did prove all of us wrong, and my mouth is still stuffed with a humble pie. Maybe not the exceptional left back defender but Akas has come in handy.

I promised to mention that spot kick in Sousse although I’ve mentioned it time and time again already but it was the turn around our season needed. Back home to the League, he was kept his place in the side regardless of the two quality understudy the team boasts of. The only game he has missed was when he was injured.

With the goalscoring returns of last month, he caps a truly magnificent start to his Enyimba career. He fetched us the only goal vs Nasarawa United and his effort fetched the rebound from which Abalogu nailed Wolves. He did score another brilliant free kick against Wikki Tourists in Bauchi, and even though we lost that tie, we know there is a reliable set-piece specialist within the team.

No doubt we have never been in short supply of goalscoring left backs. This blog won’t forget the more recent ones, Ugwu Uwadiegwu and Idris Aloma before Akas but for fetching Enyimba 6 points in the month of May, take a bow Mr Chima Akas. You are the winner of the inaugural ThatEnyimbaFan outstanding player of the month.

Sorry there’s no sponsor yet to hand you a brand new pair of boots but someday perhaps we will get there. 🙂

The League returns tomorrow and we are away at Makurdi to play Nasarawa United. A match preview will be yours on this blog by sunrise.

Enjoy your Saturday and if perhaps you are in Port Harcourt for the finals of the Brown Ideye Challenge, then let’s hook up.

Back tomorrow.



Good morning Everyone.

Within the last 24 hours, this blog has been shut down time and time again, never to be scripted on ever again. The reason of course is not unconnected with the events of the past 48 hours and a few other similar ones. It is not usually our practice to talk about the shameful parts of our game but at this point, it would be criminal not to.


If you have a good radio, or you know where to find stuff online, you would have heard of the shameful incident that took place after our game against Warri Wolves. How that our player and his colleague attacked the Warri Wolves officials because of unpaid allowances and salaries. Even if you weren’t in Umuahia you probably would have seen the scenes in the clips.

The player stripped himself of his Jersey and lashed out with this pal of his and despite being held back by some of the club officials, was hellbent on beating out his money from the opposing team officials. Somehow the situation was managed and brought under control but it did mar Sunday’s very brilliant result. People left the stadium, not talking of how impressive the team has been, getting to where they are now but the sad scenes they just witnessed.

This blog is no law court and it is not in our place to say who’s right and who’s not, but here we praise the good and condemn what’s wrong in the strongest terms possible. Moreso, this blog is just a fan’s hobby, writing of a club he was born to love. This blog does not belong to Enyimba FC nor is the blog owned by an official of any club, it is merely the views of some Enyimba fan.

It was in musing over these thoughts that I began to ask myself. What’s the purpose? What’s the idea behind scripting every morning of a League that despite the relentless effort of the LMC would just not want to get itself fixed. This blog was birthed post LMC era, in other words, there has been something good and nice after the LMC stepped in and took over the reins of the league.

As bad as owing players and refusing to pay them is, taking out your grievance in a violent manner doesn’t make you any better than the one owing you. My little nephew was around when I saw some clip of the incident, I could not offer an explanation to him. It was not a pretty sight and you can rest assured, the consequences will be as heavy.

For whatever role we are privileged to undertake as stakeholders in the League as this time, ask yourself, can I happily share the story of my contribution to my children and they will feel proud? If all I do is recorded in a video and shown to my kids, would they cheer me on or would they hang their heads in shame? Whether you are an administrator or a club chairman, a player or a journalist, an official or a ball boy, I want to ask you, are you carrying out your duty with the integrity and dignity that it deserves? Because at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

Anyone can accuse the politicians of stealing public funds and making life unbearable for the masses, but ask yourself, am I proud of my own actions? Am I fair and sincere and responsible and honest in the things I do? Because one day, you would only be able to look back at the things you had done. Will you be proud of the experience people got of you?

We can do football and talk football and all but at the end of the day, there is a life out there bigger than football. There is family, there is the future, there are the relationships and there is an afterlife. More than anything else, there is a befitting reward for everything anyone does.


Back tomorrow if I feel like


Another look at those fellas

Good morning Guys

A truly interesting weekend is finally behind us. One in which we got three points, got into the top half of the League for the first time this season and chilled as other teams huffed and puffed in a bid to win their own fixtures. In fact I could even afford a very funny dream last night where Enyimba tore apart a team in the CAF Champions League. 3-0 I think.

Well, all that is behind us and this morning we look yet again at the new fellas who have come in to strengthen the Enyimba cause. We had a first part last week but we do have quite a couple of them yet to be handled.


Let’s delve in

Theophilus Afelokhai:
When a close friend whispered to me that Afelokhai (and Gambo) were going to join Enyimba, I asked him who prescribed the specific dose of the weed he had as that was practically impossible. But as the days opened up, it was true and we eventually signed him. The player who we call ‘Safe hands Theo’ has been one of the brightest lights of this season.

At the start of the year when everyone was still trying to learn each others names, Theo was bailing us out in games. In all my years of being a football fan, I’ve never seen any goalkeeper make as many saves as I saw him make in Tunisia. Then add the ones he made from the penalty spot, you know this man’s ability and confidence is steaming from his many years as a captain at Kano Pillars is just priceless.

Safe hands Theo deserves much more than just the little space this blog can offer because he has been one of the most important members of this Enyimba team, so far. Long may it continue.

Chukwude Stephen:
I watched him several times at FC Ifeanyi Ubah last year and I thought he was lively. He  did look good early in the season before his injury as Mr Aigbogun was trying out the different permutations his attack could look.  He is also one who has impressed very well especially in the Champions League most memorably in that 5-1 trashed of Vital’O where he got a brace. That injury has impeded his improvement in this Enyimba side and one wonders what would happen when he returns to the team and gets knocking hard on the door for contention.

Christian Pyagbara:
I saw this lad fire four goals past Sunshine Stars in that season that Sharks was still alive and they did look like a football club. Pyagbara’s move could have happened twice already before it eventually did. He’s stepped in an had a couple of flashes but truth is he’s yet to replicate that form that saw him being termed one of the most fearsome strikers in the Championship. Perhaps at Sharks being a lone bright star means he was a regular starter but not at Enyimba where consistent performance is the only acceptable norm.

My word count is up. Let’s finish this up maybe tomorrow.

The team, we hear is in Illorin for their midweek clash with Giwa FC. Let’s hope Giwa shows up otherwise they would be knocked out of the Championship.

Your lot for today… Some folks have been asking for updates on work at the stadium. I hope to bring you that sometime within the week.

Back tomorrow.


A look at those guys

Good morning Everyone.

Absolutely nothing much (i.e worth scribbling) emanating from the Enyimba camp except that the lads are back to base after their Lagos sojourn with our well deserved point and there’s FC Ifeanyi Ubah to play tomorrow.


Usually we leave previews for the match day so we won’t be talking much about that till tomorrow’s blog post. Today’s however will feature a look at some of our new signings and how they have helped further the Enyimba cause. We made quite a number of signings during the off season and while some of them have blended effortlessly into the team, some are on the fringes, not able to do much for the time being.

Let’s attack that.

Dare Ojo:
When Kwara United got relegated last season, little did we know it was going to benefit us in the way it did. Dare just moved from West to East and just walked into the Enyimba team as though it was reserved for him. Inarguably the best performer of the new Continent, he has even featured in some unwonted positions (he’s played in Right Back in our last three games) but again and again he has shown an ability to just step up credibly for the good of the team. If I were to give a player of the season at this stage, it would be him but the irony is, there’s no room for laxity right now. Enyimba demands and deserves consistent and steady performances.

Ibenegbu Ikechukwu:
When we signed Ibenegbu from Warri Wolves, I was wondering what the Enyimba recruiting team were high on. I clearly felt the guy was approaching the twilight of his career and hence he wasn’t someone who would improve us significantly. I was wrong. His displays especially in the Champions League which is probably why I felt he was signed in the first place, has been immense. He isn’t going to play every League game but his experience will surely come to the fore when he does.

Chima Akas:
Questions about his style and ability will remain objects of debate among the Enyimba faithful but starting from that well taken spot kick against Etoile that dragged us back into the tie, Akas has just earned himself some acceptability points. Obviously Mr Aigbogun’s preferred choice at Left back, he’s so featured that he’s played himself to knackeredness. His time away at the National team should be any opportunity for the other two lads in the team to stake a claim for themselves.

Joseph Osadiaye
Having seen flashes of Joe at Wolves a couple of times I watched him, I still wasn’t sure why we needed him but gradually he’s showing why. He’s gotten a couple of goals, three I think and he’s improved our attack. He would need to improve his consistency no doubt and he will need to release the ball to his teammates a lot quicker and well he will also need to stop carrying a long face and being angry when he is substituted for disappearing in the middle of a football match.

Kelly Kester:
Having seen him play at Sharks, I wasn’t quite sure how and why we signed him from Shooting Stars but obviously a team playing as awfully shitty has a way of muffling up a decent player. Would the image of a beanpole walking toward the penalty spot in Tunisia ever leave me mind? No it won’t, I’m sure. But with absolutely no charisma, he just stepped back and fired into the roof of the net as we mounted a comeback. Kester has since then remained a vital clog in our recent decent run. He loves dribbling in middle even though it’s somewhat scary you’d think he will be disposed but he rarely is.

Abu Azeez:
Former Nigeria’s beach soccer star made his name indelible in the mind of Enyimba fans when he ended our unbeaten run in Warri last season. It was not totally surprising when we did sign him and boy has he come good. He’s gotten a couple of goals for us in the League but I also think he’s hit the woodwork more times than anyone else in the country this year. He looks a decent striker and you’d believe as he gets better jelled with teammates, his future performances would be lot better.

This is part one, we still have the likes of defender Thankgod Ikeh, Christian Pyagbara, Ugochukwu Leonard, Stephen Chukwude and a couple of others more to handle in the part two of this post. You’d expect that on Monday or so. Right now, I gotta share the grace for today’s post.

Back tomorrow.