Away day hopes: Niger Tornadoes v Enyimba Match preview

Good morning Good fellas,

That was a movie title, wasn’t it? Good fellas. I’m certain it is. I’m not sure I ever saw it. But y’all are good people and it’s a beautiful opportunity as usual scribbling stuff here today, especially seeing we have a match-day today.

Enyimba travel to play relegation troubled Niger Tornadoes today. As I saw this matchup, I thought to myself- isn’t it just funny that right before we play an opposition, the preceding circumstances more often than not adds up to the significance. I’ll explain.

So you know right before we played Kwara United, they were winless all season. They were desperately in need of changes and bang Enyimba comes visiting. Already the circumstances surrounding the club means they do have so much at stake for the tie and hence they tend to up their game.

Same with Wikki last time out. Playing in their adopted home in Gombe, they did look easily beatable on paper but preceding results mean they look at our tie with them as must win. And despite our early lead, they bounced back and they eventually win the game. And now we have Tornadoes.

Tornadoes have made an abysmal start to the campaign. And they are at the moment, the only side to have let go of their manager at this point of the season. Last Sunday, they were in line to take away a famous win from MFM at the Agege stadium. They took a 2-0 lead and lost the game 3-2. Add all that to their position at the table, they must be pumped up for this one.

We do have our own troubles which chiefly is; a way to get some away joy for the first time this season. With playoffs in our minds, we need to consolidate our place on the table and three points this afternoon will do that magic. Coach Ab’dallah has felt the heat in the past few days and although I’m gonna make a post in his defense a few days from now, he knows he needs an away win.

Eyes will be all out on his selection decisions today and how he motivates them to fulfill his mission.

Won’t today be a good day for some away joy? I think it would. PSG did it last night, I’m sure you can do it too guys.

Back tomorrow,



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