Onuwa saves the day but Ab’dallah is making things difficult for himself

Good morning Guys,

So we bounced back. From the midweek calamity in Gombe. Remo led by Kennedy Boboye, they themselves fresh from their home defeat to MFM were looking to spoil our party. They did brave it till the 82nd minute, when Chukwuka Onuwa settled the affair.

According to the Match report, (I didn’t see the game), we were guilty of missing tonnes of chances. Zenke was culprit in Chief and strangely Stanley Dimgba continued his early season loss of form. He’s hardly sniffed this year and it won’t be long before question marks emerge on that contract he just signed.

Meanwhile, like I had lamented time and time again here no the blog, the starting lineup looked horribly faulty. Does Ab’dallah even watch NPFL games? How does the burden of attacking midfield creativity rest on Oladapo, Farouk and the wingers, when we have the likes of Onuwa and Guera in the team?

I worked for three seasons as an LMC Match delegate. And one of the advantages of that is the privilege of watching other teams play. I saw a lot of MFM games and while I admired Onuwa’s contributions at the Agege stadium, I knew he was often bullied off the ball on away turf. But at home, he is unplayable.

So the idea of playing him/Ibenegbu/Guera from the bench in a home game, doesn’t make sense to me. Look, I can shut up my mouth if we are dominating games at home and doing well but look, we aren’t. No doubt, we have our away day blues (which we have to as a matter of urgency, find a way to sort) but at home, we shouldn’t be having these difficulties.

How about we play at home and start the best creative midfielders we have? A lot of times we lean on the wingers to work the magic but Zenke, Dimgba and Osadiaye are simply not playing that great at the moment, let’s give ourselves better options at home by using the creative midfielders that we have.

I’m no coach. And honestly. I’m not planning to be but Ab’dallah is in a race against time to prove he is the right man to lead this team forward. But such gaffes isn’t covering him in glory. Make no mistakes about it guys, even the best teams face tough oppositions who sit in and try to catch them on the break. But in this case, we are not creating enough chances and we aren’t using our best guys.

If you are hellbent on playing Farouk and Oladapo in the same team, why not tweak your formation and make room for a creator in your attack?

We campaigned for Ab’dallah to get this job fulltime. I believe he deserves the chance but if he is reluctant to change what doesn’t work, then he can as well take responsibility if things go south.

Welldone Onuwa. Long may this continue.

That’s all guys.

Back tomorrow



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