Wikki 2-1 Enyimba: Why we are unable to win an away game

Good morning Guys.

So following yesterday’s 2-1 defeat to Wikki Tourists in Gombe, I sat down to speak with a senior friend of mine. He has been around football circles for a long long time, longer than I have and it was a pleasure hearing his version of things. The subject was, why don’t we win on the road? Everyone else does, why not us?

His reply –

Here’s the thing

I can’t blame officiating, because there are VERY few games I witnessed that were decisively influenced by refereeing. Besides, how come other teams win away? Akwa did today, in Yobe. Same Yobe where Enyimba swore they were robbed last year.

So, even assuming the problem is refereeing here, it means that referees have a special bias against Enyimba specifically, which comes around to the management. What has the club management done to antagonize them?

Eliminating that option leaves us to one more thing- the players themselves. This is where experience is not a good thing. An older player grew up in a culture where it was unheard of to win away. So they go there expecting something to go wrong, and giving themselves a mental excuse. Younger players, on the other hand, might not necessarily have that fear. All they know is playing their best and winning games. They haven’t been warped in their away defeat mentality yet.

That’s one theory.

Then we have to look at the coaching. How is the defending sessions? Our defending is shambolic. And it might not necessarily be a problem with the coach himself. But with the ability of the players to respond to instructions.

We’re all aware of the aphorism that it is best to bend the stick while it’s fresh. The likes of most of the current guys there cannot be taught anything new. They simply cannot.

These are players that are simply too old to take on new information. That’s just the way it is. This is why regenerating the squad is necessary. Not saying throw all the old players out. But it should be gradual and planned. I read about a new defender we bought from one NNL club who Abdallah was excited about. We have not even seen him make the bench once this season.

Most of these players are pensioners. They are finished. But Enyimba is staffed by people who have no fresh ideas on how football should be played. I mean it can’t get any worse than what we are currently seeing.

I mean, look at the clownish goal we conceded at Rangers. Damn! I couldn’t stop laughing. How can a goal kick lead immediately to a player running at your exposed back four?

These players are too old to learn anything. I’m laughing at anyone who thinks any coach can teach these old men any defensive principles and they will follow. Get new blood in. Let Enyimba be known for something, let the club have an identity. We have lacked an identity for years now. Not this halfway house thing we are doing. It’s not producing results.

You want to play attacking football and score goals? OK then. Do you have the personnel for that? Right off the bat, you know that old players cannot help you. An attacking team needs speed to unsettle defences. You cannot win games away from home by defending. You win them by carrying a counterattacking threat. Without speed, there is no such threat.

At this rate, making it to the playoffs is going to be a near impossible thing to do.

Back tomorrow



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