Away at Wikki, Let’s do something special for Enyimba

Good morning Guys,

So we are in Bauchi to play Wikki Tourists. This game was billed to hold yesterday but we didn’t arrive in time, and such we had our fixture moved to today, Thursday and not Wednesday. In other words, we are gonna be lining up about 24 hours after our arrival in Bauchi for this one.

Already, you could sense the unease in my tone in the previous paragraph. I wish we had a system that makes for easier movement for players to and from games. I wish the players took a few hours flight to their destination and not making these long and gruesome trips. But then, haven’t we talked about these things long enough?

Maybe we can do something about it. How about we contribute money for at least, one away trip for the team? Buy their flight tickets for a round trip. I’m all in. We can look at the schedule and find out what away game we can pay for. We can start an online campaign, canvas support from Enyimba fans for this one. Have each contribute at least 1K each. That way, we can help our team at least once this season. So guys, if you think this is worth doing, then we can do it. I’m pledging N100K.

Onto the game itself. Wikki away has always been a good fixture. 22nd April, 2018 we played out a goalless draw against them. 14th June, 2015, we also played out a goalless draw with them, en-route the title that season. We have done it before and we are able to leave with something. You could argue though that there is a change in personnel – playing and coaching. I agree. But our visits there should encourage us.

Alot of that would however depend on how the gaffer decides to set up his team. Do we play for a point or do we play for a win? I think that does depend on how confident he is about his side’s preparations. I was gonna say, his lineup will convince us but for a man that has played without his key creative central midfielders in home games, you can’t really say so much for him.

Defensively, we have to remain sturdy, while hoping the midfielders are able to cut off supplies to their danger-men. We’ve conceded a few silly goals on away grounds this season, maybe a fifth defender will solve it, or maybe two holding midfielders, but i’ll really like to have us sacrifice an attacker for some tightness at the back. Going away from home and deploying two strikers, then denying them any kind of service, that would be silly, I think.

The season is gradually shaping up and with MFM leading the log, their away win at Remo yesterday means we have to get some away day joy pretty fast. Hopefully, we get it in Bauchi.

Back tomorrow,



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