The near future: Measuring the effectiveness of the leadership

Good morning Guys,

I’ll like to share a few non-Enyimba related thoughts. It’s related to the forth-coming elections. And it’s ok if you never return to the blog after reading this. I mean, it’s a miracle that I’m not sharing money here (yet), yet a lot of y’all come every other day. But if you would, pay me heed on this.

A great percentage of Nigerians have no first hand knowledge of the potential of our country. This great percentage have never left the shores of Nigeria and may never leave the country within their lifetime and such they can’t possibly imagine how better organized and richer life can be.

I have lived outside Nigeria for about three years now. I can tell you, that life in Nigeria is less than 20% as God intended it to be. There’s no better way for me to describe it other than, outside Nigeria, you can plot how your successful your life should be. For instance, in these three years, I’ve never experienced power outage once. Nothing like, there’s no light. Either by day or at night.

But we grew up on the streets of Aba believing that NEPA taking the light is normal. Truth is, it should be abnormal that there is no light at any time. Same with things like Internet and even jobs. Regardless of your skill set, you should be able to find someone to hire you. Especially if you’re determined on living right.

I write about Enyimba, not because I have a grudge with Chief Anyansi Agwu or Mr Farriel – truth is, I actually do admire them because they are servants of the club. But my “wailing” daily is because having seen how professional clubs are run, Enyimba should be worth much more money and revenue. For instance, if Enyimba has 30,000 replica jerseys today, how long before we run out of stock? Trust me, sooner rather than later.

This is why I try to challenge the status quo. Another instance. For several weeks, we directly attacked the club’s media and all of a sudden, they seem to have woken up. We now get images and videos and news bits from the club. In other words, it took someone to inspire them to get about doing what they are paid to do. This is same for every other thing we have talked about in the past.

So in view of the coming elections, we need leaders who understand responsibility and that will get our economy working again. Countries of the world are competing for the latest technologies and innovations. But for us, we have leaders who have no clue of what their respective offices and responsibilities should be. So in determining who to vote, let’s try to measure ourselves with what other countries are doing.

Will there ever be a time when petrol returns to N40 a liter? It’s unlikely. But there can be a convenient environment for businesses and livelihood to improve. Look at the leaders right now, do they look they are even in the know as to what they are being paid to do? Don’t tell me, answer for yourself.

The only way to improve your life is to vote in someone who is able to inspire the right things. So who am I asking you to vote for? I don’t know. It’s not my place to tell you. But wake up on the 16th and vote. Don’t sit down at home because someone who lives outside the country is asking you not to vote. His life is already lot better than yours.

Aside your personal votes, inspire people around you who should vote to do same. Someone says your vote won’t make a difference, that’s as further from the truth as possible. As the world evolves, instruments for putting leaders accountable is on the rise. We can’t be shut off forever. Believe in what you’re able to. God took David’s little stone to kill a Goliath.

Back tomorrow with some Enyimba thoughts.



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