Enyimba: If only…!

Good morning Guys,

First of all, I’ll like to say, I don’t have any intentions of voting Buhari in the next elections. He could probably win thanks to the Nigerian factor and stuff but I’m honest and in that honesty I’ll say, he is not the best representation of quality governance. If you however think he is, please get in my DM and let’s discuss. I’m open.

That said, let’s talk some Enyimba matters. I did tweet after the Lobi game that maybe we weren’t that special anymore. I didn’t get any opinion in the contrary. In other words, it’s a school of thought that has gradually slipped into the minds of fans subconsciously.

I know we have the name, the history, the prestige but I think that’s about how far it goes. It’s akin to calling Nigeria the giant of Africa. That used to be a truism but we are not so sure anymore. Nigeria is just one big underperforming country in Africa but as far as giants go, erm No.

You would wonder where and why I’ve come up with such thoughts today. Well, I looked at those images of several SUVs on our Rolls Royce pitch yesterday. The outrage on social media was heavy but the subtle thoughts are, that perhaps we are thinking more of ourselves than we actually deserve.

Enyimba, like most club is owned by the government. The government takes three years to built her a stadium that ran into millions. Then in one swoop, show everyone just how little they care about our facilities. There is no place in the world where governments do such things. Except of course in Nigeria.

If only Enyimba wasn’t funded by a government. If only Enyimba had such visionary and managerial skills to pave a way to its own independence. If only our clubs can be run like other decent football clubs in Africa are run. I’m refused the temptation to mention Europe because we are not same level. But look at Africa, a Continent we are supposed to be it’s giants.

We only have a name, sadly. But on the bright side, sometimes a name is all that’s necessary to inspire earthshaking changes. Enyimba can rediscover it’s greatness and no not by winning Inter-house cups. I’m talking growth, I’m talking numbers, I’m talking sponsorships. I’m talking owing our own facilities.

For some of us, we’d keep the hope alive. Someday, someone will inspire changes. May it be in our days. Amen

Back tomorrow



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