Good morning Sirs,

It’s refreshing to start or end a day without thinking of Enyimba. Without thinking of the English I would speak for the displays we have seen lately. Usually when we have poor performances, we look for some middle ground, some glimmer of hope, something to hold onto inspite of the poor result.

I’ll like to start by reminding everyone that this blog is not the mouthpiece of the club or that of the management of the club. These views are individualistic. They are someone’s thoughts and they are to be taken seriously as yours. You’re free to say ThatEnyimbaFan said, But ThatEnyimbaFan is only just a fan like you.

So we have gone three games without a win. Exacerbated by that barren draw with Lobi at home last Wednesday, where we had enough chances to win three games. Let’s take in the fact that Lobi are a better and fitter side than we are right now. But then again, our misses were more down to poor finishing than a brilliant display by Lobi. We simply failed to win.

Then again, Ab’dallah complained that he didn’t get enough preseason. Isn’t this why the management decided the team shouldn’t travel for Christmas? If Ab’dallah says his team didn’t get a preseason, whatever where they doing in camp throughout the Christmas and New Year period? I’m thinking that maybe the club management does indeed know our team better. Their decisions are therefore right more often than not.

He also did say that he is looking for the winning formula. I find that odd. Look guys, I’m not trying to get Ab’dallah unto more pressure than he should be in but he is saying the wrong things. How come out to say that a team you led to the CAF Confederations Cup semis few months ago is in need of a winning formula? Wasn’t the point of giving him a contract to build on last season’s success?

I mean, this is the first time in years that we have taken a coach from the previous season into the next one. Even the title winning Ikhana didn’t survive the next season. Maybe the gaffer does need to look at himself in the right light – unless he’s trying to say that all of last season was a fluke. Yes a few players have left but we have the core of last season’s boys still here.

Then, there were those comments he made after the Kwara defeat. He said the home team surprised him. But guys, Enyimba cannot go into a game without being fully prepared of whatever the opposition throws at them. We cannot keep getting surprised by away teams. We have to get it right, mentally, positionally, technically, structurally and with the right personnel.

I do think that Ab’dallah will help us find the rhythm back. I have that much faith in him still. But he needs to get his act together. Fast.

That’s your lot



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