Let’s lob it over Lobi. Enyimba v Lobi

Good morning Guys,

The Elephant Park comes alive 4pm this evening as we host Continental campaigners Lobi Stars. Former Arsenal striker, Emmanuel Adebayor once said, the best way to respond with a bad result is by playing another game shortly afterwards. Another match-day is here and we have some shot at making amends.

I’ll like to start by saying, Lobi are in the Continent and that’s not because they don’t deserve to. They ended up top of the pile albeit as the league finished abruptly. But this doesn’t in any way mean they are not good enough. They finished top of the pile deservedly so.

What the above paragraph means in simple English, is that we are up for one of our toughest League games at home. Previous visits have seen us either share the spoils or get a hard fought win. In other words, they won’t be offering us any undue respects. They will get in our faces and they will look to be quite physical.

You just wanna look at their game against Mamelodi Sundowns to know that on their day, they do play some quick attacking, eye catching football. This of course means that the defense must stay positionally aware and do it’s best to put up a better showing than they did in ilorin. Anyone seen those videos yet?

I’ll suggest you don’t. First, it’s not the best video recording. Secondly, the guys assigned to play in defence were abysmal. Sorry. But this word doesn’t even come close. The first equalizer was a horrible mistake by the defender and the second equalizer for us was an own goal. A very bad one.

It’s funny but having a squad of very “good” players mean that some errors can not be ignored. Our defense lacked that leadership. And communication was nonexistent as well. It wasn’t the best of performances. That is why today’s game carries more weight than necessary.

Let’s hope we are not shocked again by a team fighting like Lions. Coach Ab’dallah better sort his team rightly this time. Patience isn’t in abundant supply in Aba.

Back tomorrow



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