Enyimba: Noticing what happened that wasn’t noticed

Good morning Guys,

The foremost reaction after a defeat such as Sunday’s would be to bundle up that result and its performance and dump it. I did feel that way and indeed yesterday’s blog clearly reflected that. But a comment I saw on twitter has caused me to see some lemonade of the lemon.

Check this out –

“With an assured backline in place, it will be interesting to see former Energie FC playmaker, Jean-Marie Guera create chances from midfield. In his 1st start this term, he is already credited with “an assist”&”winning a penalty”. Coach Abdallah needs to put out his best X1 & build on. @NnannaOKalu

Sometime last year, we wrote a post of three guys who would power us into big things this season. We mentioned Guera and this is what we wrote –

A positive midfielder who always wants to play forward, Guera also releases the ball quickly, which helps him avoid the physical aspect of our league football.

With our beloved Ibenegbu no longer as young as he used to be, Guera could be the man to take over our creative midfield zone.

The anger of Sunday’s result made us overlook this. But this guy might just be one of the key players we’d parade this year. I know there’s a lot of buzz surrounding Onuwa and he did replace Guera yesterday but to get an assist and win a penalty in the same game away from home is no mean feat, especially in a League such as ours.

Coach Ab’dallah has some task in his hands keeping his guns firing, getting the best out of these guys and his team charging upwards. It’s a task I don’t envy but men, don’t we all wish him well?

He did speak about Sunday’s defeat –

Honestly, I did not believe what Kwara United boys played against my team and I was so surprised because they fought like lions.

“They deserved to win the match and I want to congratulate them because the performance I saw from those players deserve to be seen on the continent,”. He explained.

So your opponents surprised you?

OK. Just a reminder, this is Enyimba International, not Jigawa All Stars.

Back tomorrow



One thought on “Enyimba: Noticing what happened that wasn’t noticed

  1. It is matured to accept defeat but most importantly plan ahead to fight back the lost points. I suggest we build a stronger team backed with a defensive Iine.


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