My letter to players of Enyimba and other NPFL players

Good morning Guys,

As you prepare for your respective games this weekend, I wish you a safe and an injury free weekend. I pray that through the ups and downs of this season, that you will be safe and protected and that God’s wisdom will be evident in all your undertakings, in Jesus Name. Amen

So I haven’t written you a letter before and there’s been a strong cause making me do this today. First of all, thank you to everyone who visits this blog often, thank you. The NPFL (and Nigeria by extension) is anything but easy. Injuries, less than stellar travel and living conditions. Some of you are bearing heavy family burdens, most of you don’t get your salaries in time.

I have on this blog echoed words of advice on how to manage yourself and your career. The kinds of foods you eat, the need to actually hire the services of an attorney to handle your contract issues. I have also mentioned engaging in things that aid your personal development. These articles are literally littered all over this blog. Go back and read.

I want you to pay attention to building your brand as a player. Make it a conscious effort this season. A lot of you are on social media, know this that almost everything you do on social media is trackable. If you go liking posts of half-naked people on Instagram, other app users see such things, it doesn’t do your brand any good.

This season, I have a special favor to ask. A lot of times, all we hear from the news is how you guys are owed monies and bonuses. I pray that’s not the case this season. Rather that you made the headlines for reason that are praiseworthy. For instance, do you know what if every registered player donates N5000 for a particular month from his salary, 35 of you would mean 175,000.

These funds can be used to buy foodstuff, living necessities etc and then get shared among the Charity outlets in your city. You can do this once this semester. Look, I’m not telling you what to do with your money but I’m asking you to move from being a beggar to becoming a giver. Up your status mentally and look at yourself in a dignified manner. You are, whether you know it or not, a role model.

Finally, please pay attention to your body. It is your most important tool. I learnt some players smoke and do drugs. Some do alcohol and all that stuff. Look, you don’t want to hurt your body. If you do, this stream of income will vanish like it never was there. Give your body the right raw materials for optimal performance.

Thank you for reading my letter to you. I wish you all the very best in your future endeavors.



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