It’s a different kind of blog today

Good morning Great people of the Elephant. Sorry if that sounded insulting. That was not the intention. I’ve been apologizing a lot this year. I guess saying sorry is much easier than waiting till someone cracks open your skull. Welcome to another Tuesday, the third Tuesday of the year.

I’m excited about a project I’m working on. It’s always been in my head for years but the moment I put a picture of it in front of me, in less than a month, it’s becoming a reality. I’m not surprised. An undocumented goal will never come alive. A picture of your goal improves its likelihood of succeeding 1000 times more.

Today’s blog will be different. It’s gonna be a photo blog. I had seen all the photos Modo Victor had taken and I felt, we needed to do more with them. Find him on social media, he’s the best there is in these matters. Take a peep.

This was our lineup on the day. Andrew was captain and Dauda was goalkeeper. Our jerseys look fancy and beautiful. I really do love this team. Meanwhile Dauda had an assured game yesterday. Guess that’s what you expect after a brief spell on the sidelines.

This was the moment Nelson Ogbonnaya opened the scores for us. I do like him as a person and I’m looking for the day I’ll sit down and interview with him. With Mfon out of the club, I’m looking for new players to fall in love with. Meanwhile I saw a picture of Nzube Anaezemba yesterday. Ah never mind.

This is the big man. Striker Chinedu Udechukwu. He reminds me a little about Christian Obiozor who I don’t even know what he’s about nowadays. Someone said Udechukwu wears fire on his head. I don’t know. Someday maybe I’ll try to touch it.

This is Stanley Dimgba. He had a pretty quiet game yesterday and although we know he isn’t the youngest player around, his quality is undeniable. I’m one of the few guys around who is glad he signed a contract extension at the club.

This is striker Abdulrahman Bashir. This probably wasn’t the goal or was it? I don’t know. But I pray he has an injury free season this term. We all know what he’s capable of. When he’s in the groove. Meanwhile, where’s Ibrahim Mustapha? Anyone know?

This is Sani Nasiru. When I first saw the photo, I thought he was new signing Dare Olatunji aka Pogba. Evidently he’s not. He looks a little taller than i thought for a fullback. He looks cool too. 😎

Finally, this is my personal favorite. May we see many more of this in this season.

That’s our plate of nkwobi this morning. I’ll be back tomorrow.



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