New League Season: Enyimba v MFM preview

Sweep sweep sweep. Get the long broom for cobwebs too. And yea, the mop stick as well. Lots of cleaning to do here. Get brushes too and some detergent. If there’s some bleach, you wanna add that to the list as well. Our blog has gone dusty and unused for weeks. It’s showtime again.

After seven months, there’s local football again. I’m not gonna even talk about the fact that a football administration that allowed such under its watch is supposed to resign. Today is a day of peace. No fights. No quarreling. Football is back.

The last we heard was that the boys weren’t allowed to go for Christmas breaks because they needed to be in camp readying for the new season. There were preseason friendlies. We won 1 in 4. It’s only preseason, they don’t matter. All of that hard work gets its reward from here.

MFM is hardly what you’d call a daunting challenge. On their day, they can be as good as anyone, on other days, they are as horrible (away from home) as they come. We played our back to back draws with them for a couple of seasons before we eventually learnt how to beat them.

This season is important to our football club in more ways than one. It’s a new start for Coach Ab’dallah. We campaigned for him to be given this job permanently. The club heeded. Now is his chance to prove himself. He has restocked his squad with about 9 new players including striker Chinedu Udechukwu.

We have also had a number of exits including Leonard Ugochukwu who is now with Rivers United. Hopefully the club will make available the full squad details including their jersey numbers. All that said, what counts is that we get off to a good start and start an early title challenge.

Perhaps I’ll come up to a new year letter to Mr Ab’dallah in a subsequent but in the meantime, winning today’s game is definitely a step in the right direction. We can talk other things in the days ahead. But are we now back to daily blogging? I’m not sure. Maybe. Maybe not. We’d see.

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Back tomorrow with good news I believe.



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