An Enyimba Merry Christmas Party

Merry Christmas Guys!

It’s the most beautiful day of the entire year and on behalf of everyone here at ThatEnyimbaFan blog, I’ll like to wish all our readers a very beautiful Christmas and a wonderfilled 2019. May the best of this year be the least we will see in the coming year. Amen.

So I’m gonna try to make this short because I don’t even think you have the time to read this. Thoughts are a sequel to yesterday’s where we wondered why the club opted to deny the players any Christmas breaks. And as I thought about this last night, a thought hit me.

Imagine this –

The club had handed out invitation cards to an event to all the players and staff at the club. From the club captain to the security man at the stadium. The event will hold at Terminus Hotel and it’s for 7pm for Saturday 22nd December 2019.

It’s the Enyimba Christmas dinner and there is a lot to eat and drink. There are a few local musicians and comedians brought and the event is anchored by Oj Ferrari of Magic FM. In the course of the evening, there would be a few other fun events all in appreciation of the outgoing year.

Everyone is told ahead of time to come with an envelope containing a donation to be made to the Orphanages/Motherless Babies around town. At the end of the night, the club heads addresses the players and staff and thanks everyone for their contribution this year, charging them to gear up for more next year.

Pause with your imagination and tell me, whatever could make this an impossible thing to do? Tell me how players would with such treatment, lament that they aren’t sent home to their families? I don’t see any. And if you do, please tell me. I’ll wait. This, as little as it is, will cushion the effect of not being home with their families.

This is not peculiar to Enyimba. This is something clubs all across the country should be thinking of in this season. Everyone is lamenting how difficult life is in Nigeria but look, nothing stops us from providing others a moment of respite. A moment of joy. No matter how little.

This is how players will throw themselves at the ball to win you games. This is how players fight for the shirt. This is how players and other staff get you the results you want – when you do that little extra to prove you care.


Someday we’ll get there.

Merry Christmas and don’t forget, Jesus is the reason for the season.

Have a great time with your lovely ones.

Back tomorrow (maybe, if I haven’t so overfed myself to think clearly).



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