Enyimba: Do the players deserve Christmas breaks?

Good morning Guys!

It’s Christmas tomorrow! I possibly couldnt be the only one who loves this season. I mean beyond the food and the gifts, there’s something about this time of the year. All of creation feels it- it’s a special special season. So Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Some information I received yesterday has inspired today’s blog. So we learnt that the club has not allowed the players to travel home to their families for the Yuletide. They’ll sit back in in camp and keep training and readying for the coming season. The irony is that there isn’t any preseason camps planned for them or yet friendlies.

So it is heard that the players are whining and complaining and there’s even talk that they are refusing to show up to train and stuff. Because the club has said, sit back in and don’t travel to go be with your families. If memory serves me well, it was about the same situation last season and they sat out Christmas.

My thoughts – Is this ideal? Should the club have kept them against their will? Relax. Not so fast. First of all, I don’t think the rule book stipulates that players must be allowed to go home to see their families at Christmas. It’s the ideal thing to do but it’s not their rights to be entitled to Christmas breaks.

Don’t get me wrong. Because in an ideal work environment, every manager/CEO knows that the happier your staff is, the more likely they are to be more productive. Nobody enjoys working in an environment where they feel they are denied fringe benefits. And this situation has gradually become that.

But by doing this, the management has spelled it out that they don’t really care about your personal joy. Because there’s hardly anything else they would be doing in training other than sleeping in camp and training twice the next day. The club would have tried to bridge this bad-blood that exists with the players by letting them have a couple of days off with their families. Professional clubs all the world do it.

It’s easy to say that you’re paying them salaries and such, you “own” their time and you won’t be wrong. But you can’t ignore the impact of having players who are playing for the club and they love to do so. In truth, clubs in the UK for instance are going to play all through the Christmas season but this is because there’s a tradition. For the players, there’s no resumption in sight nor any decent friendlies in view. I think the club could have done differently.

So I think, seeing this is the situation, the players ought to embrace the reality and act like professionals that they are. The thing is, sometime in the very near future, roles will change and the club might be looking to the players to do them a favor – then they could make their true feelings known.

Back tomorrow



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