The Super Eight in Aba; we can do better, much better!

Good morning Guys,

Not so much going on except the NNL and NFF back and forth with regards to promotion of 24 or 28 teams. The Super 8 has been billed to start today in Aba and you wonder if the likes of Remo Stars and Bendel Insurance have finally decided to make the trip to Aba.

The tournament should start today and get done by Sunday and boy what a marathon of games. Evidently, not much can be said of the pitch anymore – truth is, our administrators are either less concerned about it or outrightly ignorant. All that is milk for another day.

My thoughts are on this Super 8 tournament. I can assume that there won’t be any TV coverage for it. I mean, not even the lowly rated NTA. These teams are just gonna play themselves amidst the current bad blood generated so far. Couldn’t we spare ourselves of a potential occurrence of poor officiating by having these matches aired live?

Or maybe I’m just being paranoid and there won’t be such occurrence. Amen. But aside just the likelihood of such, how about fans of the clubs who won’t be making it to Aba, don’t they deserve to watch their teams play? Ah No, there’s no sponsorship – we can’t afford it. Really?

Truth is, there are cheaper ways of producing live TV matches. You don’t need millions. I think the big problem here is that our administrators don’t care. A lot of these folks supervised league matches in empty stadiums for years. And for a lot of them, money coming into the game is more of a personal reward rather than for the improvement of the game.

My late dad always said, It’s not enough to admire what someone else is doing. Always think of how that person’s success can inspire you to bring it home to yours. I am inspired to bring the success seen in the big European leagues back home to ours. I want our games accessible to fans regardless of where they live.

I’ll love for these conversations to be the theme in our football power corridors. Fans and sponsors will be involved when you push your products right in their faces. You can’t market a dead or rather a dying product. And the biggest lie is when we tell ourselves that what we currently have is the best we can.

And today, I remember my late friend Chinedu Udoji. Keep resting bro.

That’s my twenty kobo this morning. I’m back tomorrow.



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