Enyimba: An African perception and the reasons why…

Good morning Guys,

I took yesterday off following last weekend’s discovery. I felt deflated and the willingness to go ahead writing this blog vanished. But a combination of very strange activities got me a change of heart. It might appear funny and maybe untrue to you but believe me, this is the whole truth below.

I had a dream Sunday night and I have never dreamt of him before, but I saw Chief Anyansi Agwu in my dream. It wasn’t anything outrageous but he was like, “How are you doing?, long time no see“. I’m sure you guys know that a dream is only a dream but I guess there’s some connection we all have with Enyimba and it’s gonna take a thing or two to end it.

I am an Aba boy. Born at River Layout, about 20 minutes walk from School Road (where the stadium is). Watching Enyimba and indeed supporting the club comes as a second nature to me. That’s probably why I love this club. And that is also why I am passion driven for this club to become the best in Africa for starts.

It does appear that outsiders see us even bigger than we “really” are. For instance, following Lobi Star’s awful result at the weekend, someone tweeted this –

Ladies and Gentlemen, these are the NIGERIAN 🇳🇬 Champions, walloped at an empty stadium 🏟 looking for excuses from parody accounts. Fact : you were poor yesterday, Friday is 3 days away , make preparations for then ~> Next time send us your best , Enyimba perhaps?

Truth is, my foremost reaction was that of anger. How dare you insult a Nigerian club in that manner? I mean there’s a place for banter in Football but this is more than just banter. This is trying to ridicule a side that was laying a complaint to CAF for how they were treated by their hosts beginning from the airport.

Then came the feeling of Pride. How much we are revered and respected all over the Continent. The only thing is, we ourselves know we have way too many things at the club that is due some fixing. We don’t deny our glory but to whom much is given, much is equally expected. Which is not surprising when someone tweeted this –

How did Nigerians let Lobi stars qualify ahead of Enyimba 🤔🤔

Well, Bro, we didn’t let Lobi qualify. We just couldn’t get our act together in time before the season was shutdown with 14 games to go. Although the question of “If we would’ve toppled them” is meal for another day. But it’s good to appreciate the view from the other side – how fans of other African teams rate us.

It does appear like we would have a friendly match this morning at the Enyimba stadium against Gombe United. Don’t leave your shops in Ahia Ohuru to come watch it – it’s a very low key friendly. And I suppose you’ve heard that the NNL Super8 will indeed take place from Wednesday to Sunday at our grounds.

Back tomorrow



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