Some people are looking to make trouble

Good morning Guys,

I guess the right response to that should be, “what’s good about the morning”? I’ll do my best to share in the most meek way possible, because deep down inside, I am upset. Very upset.

So you see this blog we run here, it’s a huge sacrifice. I am up every morning trying to scribble something that makes sense. To fan the embers of passion from the fans of this great club. Currently, I don’t live in Nigeria, I’m not even on the African Continent. But daily, I source information, I talk to powers that be, I do my lot to keep this blog going.

I am not paid for it. I’m not a staff of the club. I am only doing this because of my love for the club and my love for writing. The articles we write here are brilliant, well thought of and most of the guest articles we have, I pay the writers. And my writers get paid decent money for their contribution.

This blog is on a domain – that is also paid for. I paid about N40,000 for the .blog domain and that payment is to be renewed every year. So aside the intellectual property this blog fueled on, there are other side payments we make, to keep this site going.

So it’s heartbreaking when people get on your blog, copy your contents and share them on other pages and websites without any kind of acknowledgment of the source. That is not only unfair, it also is wicked. Especially when the only thing required of you is to acknowledge the source of the article.

I’ve seen my articles on websites, Facebook pages, newspapers and the like and the “poster” didn’t think to highlight who the writer of the article is. It is unfair. It is not right. I’ve not asked you not to share on your pages but directing people to the source is only the right thing to do.

I’m appealing to the human in you. I’m appealing to the god nature in you – never take any posts from here without giving credit for every single post you take. In organized climes, you’ll need a written permission for my materials. And I ask you to be sensible and not let this turn into a fight. I’ll be looking up your pages more frequently in the days ahead.

I can wake up one day and shut down this blog. It’s also an option. But I pray we don’t get there.

Tomorrow is Sunday. There won’t a blog tomorrow.



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