14 matches in 6 days – it’s the ground below that suffers

Good morning Guys

I’m gonna try to keep this short.

So it was reported yesterday that the NNL Super four to determine the last four to be promoted to the top flight holds this weekend. Evidently, the madness of even considering promoting eight teams has washed off, the Ogas at the top are gonna do the right thing.

The fallout from the above is that the Enyimba stadium will play host to this Super Eight or Super Four or whatever name it is called. From December 15th to December 20th, our Enyimba stadium will host 14 matches. It’s a six day tournament and matches will be played everyday except the 18th.

I guess the last sentence of the last paragraph reverberated in your mind as it did in mine. 14 matches in six days. Four matches everyday for the first three days and after the rest day, two on the fifth day. The final is for the 20th as a winner is sought. The four semifinalists should have been guaranteed promotion.

I wish this tournament was a little more nicely planned. At least taking account of the pitch and a little rest time for the players. Playing everyday for three days isn’t very healthy either to the players or to the playing surface. This could have been better spread out on a week long schedule so there’s some recovery time for players and the “ground underneath that bears all the brunt”.

I’m not trying to always look out for criticism but couldn’t put administrators think football first before these sometimes very hastily made decisions? I understand clubs pay a lot for hotels and stuff but with the right negotiation with these hotels in Aba, it won’t be as expensive as it’s feared. Smart scheduling would have sorted this. Like playing these playoff games in two centers – Uyo and Aba

We have spent tonnes of money on this pitch. You guys better not damage it for us. With the maintenance issues already being mused about, I can guarantee that Okezie Ikpeazu isn’t bringing a dime for this pitch again. I have never heard where matches are played in this manner on a surface. People who know better please I’ll long for you to school me on this.

That’s all I got this morning.

Have a good day everyone.



3 thoughts on “14 matches in 6 days – it’s the ground below that suffers

  1. “I’m not trying to always look out for criticism but . . . ”

    The above from you is nothing but criticism . It is called constructive criticism . No society can grow without such.


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