Late blog: No big deal

Good morning/afternoon/evening Guys.

I feel obliged to apologize for not blogging today. Y’all know why don’t you? Well, like I told y’all, I’m writing my semester exams and I just finished today’s.

The seating arrangement tells you there’s no messing around here and you don’t wanna flunk exams with the costs of this Masters program. Anyway, I’m almost done. There’s one more for Thursday but then we should have blogs for the rest of the week.

It was advertised that we would be part of the ongoing Alhan Cup up North but it seems as though we won’t be making an appearance because the team is still in Aba. Also there are a couple of fresh faces in camp – not the regular noisy names but a couple of decent guys who do look like they will be quality props to our season’s edifice.

That’s all you get today. Trust y’all doing well.

Back tomorrow



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