Top Enyimba goalkeeper leaving for Katsina United

Good morning Guys and welcome to a brand new week.

Still no word on the League resumption. Last Saturday made it exactly six months since the League went on that World Cup Break. The story isn’t unfamiliar to you but the bigger question is on resumption. The League managers are mute on this and it is difficult to know what’s going on with such deafening silence from the top corridors.

Well, onto today’s piece of isi-ewu. It appears that goalkeeper Ikechukwu Ezenwa’s time at the club has come to its head. This article where he’s quoted as saying he was on his way out caught the eye.

I needed to play regularly. Its a very important decision in my career,” Ezenwa said on Smooth FM.

“Although I had a good time at Enyimba but as a player you have your decisions to make and I’ve taken the decision to play for Katsina United

“The deal has not been done but Ikechukwu Ezenwa is there to play for Katsina United in 2019,” he continued.

“There is a possibility to play in Europe, its just a (verbal) discussion that I had with them (Katsina United) that they’re interested in having me play for them and I said yes, I’m going to play for them.

“A man must have a plan B. As I’m talking to you Ikechukwu Ezenwa is a free agent and I’m looking forward to moving on with my career in Europe and I know that if I’m to play in the NPFL in 2019, it has to be for Katsina United.

A number of things stand out from that interview. First of all, he says he is a free agent. If that indeed is true then he is free and well within his rights to make his move. However you want to know though – why did we have so many players on their last year of contract? Secondly, if indeed he was given just a year contract while joining the club then that is quite interesting. The club just got him with the World Cup in mind.

It also explains the fact that he hasn’t really made any headway with attempting to displace Afelokhai and Dauda as preferred choices. Although Ezenwa did play some part in our semifinal game against Raja, it was more for the injury to Afelokhai which was duly reset in the second leg.

With this being the case, it becomes unlikely for either of Afelokhai or Dauda to leave the club. Unless the club is inching towards giving a chance to Friday Achimugwu – an act which I won’t have any complaints about. In all honesty, I’ll personally be glad for two of Afelokhai, Dauda and Ezenwa to leave if it means a promotion for Achimugwu.

Your guess is as good as mine but I believe things will get clearer as the new League season kicks off. But when will the League kick off?

Your lot today, back tomorrow.



One thought on “Top Enyimba goalkeeper leaving for Katsina United

  1. It’s sad that Ezenwa was used as a money making tool because of his consistent call ups to the national team and bonuses he receives. Clearly tells you that the NPFL not even the country’s most successful club, knows Jack about getting steady flow of income


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