Raja Casablanca left us something worth checking

Good Morning Guys,

The harmattan season is here. Slow and steady we approach Christmas and so does it draw near to us. About 16 days from today, the fun fare would be at a maximum level. However, there is a compelling feat that sternly begs for my attention; so, permit me to share with you this morning. Shall we roll?

It is no longer news that our conquerors in the CAF Confederations Cup, Raja Casablanca clinched the title at the expense of AS Vita of Congo. The Moroccans triumphed with 1, 2, 3….9 players from the Academy propelled them to a first continental title success in 15 years. Amazingly, they all took part in that final- massive accomplishment it was.

Highly regarded as one of the best in Africa, school of Raja as it is fondly called is known for churning out great and brilliant players that have served the main team and the National team greatly. However this is not to say that the model at Raja Casablanca ensures complete economic security, but it has kept them financially healthy over the years while others have struggled. This right here is what is obtainable in many sane football nations of the world and we have been shown how things should work over here. Our Clubs should take a cue from Raja.

We should not wait for everything to be perfect. Making little but progressive strides certainly make more sense. This task requires patience, time and investment. The dividends of it`s establishment isn’t rapidly seen, it usually accumulates over time. Moreover, an idea we intend to imitate and adopt for our consumption shouldn’t be that difficult. NPFL teams wake up.

Our deficiency in lack of national database makes this very important – Taking them in from an early age will save the talk of age cheating in the future. Someimes, I wonder how players of a team’s feeders’ set-up is way more older that the first teamplayers. Definitely, something is wrong somewhere and ust be attended to.

Despite the mammoth of postulations from the LMC pertaining to youth development, its lack of insistence by the architect has left us with so many unanswered questions. Notwithstanding, the idea being put forward here has been initiated by some teams. So, to that little percentage, doing it in a better way is what we seek.

Moreover, the return on finances will be a measure of investment – invest big, reap bountifully. However, monitoring the players’ development is very germane. This helps the clubs to evaluate when and how much their priced assets can go for. Our administrators need to start taking bold steps and moves to set our football on the path to greater heights.. Giving up isn’t even an option for us.

Football has grown far beyond the state we find ourselves; whether it is a feeders’ team or Academy you’ve named or intend to call it, the most important thing should be the organization, practice and execution.

On a final note, take a look at Ikouwem Udoh and what he’s has done at Enyimba so far, a product of the current system at Enyimba that hasn’t really worked at its threshold yet , how much more the other unrefined talents that will come out of this exercise if it is properly executed.

Samuel Areo

Back tomorrow



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