The hustle pays off, we’ve got some money

Good morning Guys,

I’m writing my final exams so the blog today won’t be in my handwriting. Cool? Thank you. I saw a piece of news yesterday and I had to share.

So here on the blog, we’ve lamented on how broke we were and all that stuff. How we can’t even replace toothbrushes in the guest toilet. Well, Enyimba is about to get some financial props. I’ve copied and pasted from Below

World football governing body, FIFA has confirmed payment to clubs whose players participated at the World Cup in Russia, with Nigerian clubs Enyimba FC and FC Ifeanyi Ubah receiving shares for the involvement of Ikechukwu Ezenwa, reports.

Under the Club Benefits Programme, a total of USD 209 million will be paid out to 416 clubs from 63 member associations, which represents a significant increase of almost 200 per cent compared to the previous edition.

Despite not playing in any of the Eagles’ matches, Ezenwa still fetched the country $237,720 which will be paid to both Enyimba and Ifeanyi Ubah through the Nigeria Football Federation.

In his remarks, FIFA president Gianni Infantino noted that the clubs deserve to share in the success of the competition as they were key contributors to the World Cup itself.

“The FIFA World Cup is the pinnacle of football, generating passion and emotion from every player and every fan in every corner of the world. It is FIFA’s responsibility to redistribute the revenues of this unique competition among the entire football community, and clubs, obviously, deserve to share in this success as they were key contributors.

“I’m very pleased to see that teams from so many different regions will benefit from this programme, which will help to develop football even further around the globe,” said Infantino.

Great news, ain’t it? It most definitely is. So with that, we end our era of ever complaining here on the blog that we don’t have any money is over. lol

That’s all for today. There’s something stronger tomorrow.

Back tomorrow



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