NPFL TV: Options and ideas

Good morning Everyone and thanks for dropping by yesterday. I guess we now have an unspoken agreement that until the League resumes, Sunday blogs are off. That notwithstanding, we still had more than half the number of visits that we had on Saturday. Y’all know I appreciate your daily visits, Thank you.

It’s Monday and thus a good day to stew over some ideas. My direction today is on the TV deals and plans for the new season and of course, going forward. We remember sometime the previous season when it was reported that there would be biddings for the various games per match day and interested TV companies will purchase rights.

What that means is, the “LMC TV Company” produces the games and likes of Channels, Supersport, AIT and the rest would each bid for what game they’ll televise per week. The rest of us fans would then pick up whatever game we want to watch from whatever station showing it live.

I do like that idea and to be honest, it’s a very brilliant one. When DSTV was producing and airing these games, showing more than one live game per weekend was something they showed an inability to do. But this idea, if endorsed would not only spread out the NPFL across other platforms, but will make it more accessible to almost everyone.

This is exactly how it works in America. The National Football League is the body managing (American) football in the US (not soccer). Football is big in America just like soccer is big in Nigeria. Put a soccer game on TV and it’s difficult not to get the viewers. That is not debatable. So, we can take advantage of this soccer passion.

Americans watch so much football and so the TV companies, each not wanting to be outdone, all came in and said, we are interested in having football on our platform. So the NFL produces the games but ESPN, CBS, FOX, NBC etc all buy whatever fixtures they want to air each week. And the scheduling is rotated in a way that if you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan, your weekly games could be on any of these channels.

I think that this could work in our league too. And to be honest, it had been mentioned at the end of the 2016 season. I know we have bigger problems as far as the society in large is concerned but I’m just saying, these ideas are possible and they should be encouraged. Just like the talk of an abridged League. It can work if planned well.

We need administrators who would be open to thinking well of these ideas and be bold enough to try them out. I believe more is possible. Giving up on our football and the potentials possible is the easiest thing to do – But we won’t give up. We will do our lot and believe that a better day will come.

I did this without mentioning NTA. It was intentional. TV broadcasting has grown past NTA – but you always knew that, didn’t you?

Finally, we have a few sad reports on the blog today. Gaffer Ab’dallah lost his brother and one of our dear friends here on the blog, lost his mum. We pray God’s comfort on them and their families. Take heart guys.

Back tomorrow



3 thoughts on “NPFL TV: Options and ideas

  1. The issue of having our league adequately covered by competent television channels is long overdue.
    I believe the LMC has a lot of work to do with regards to that.

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