New signing says he wants to return Enyimba to glory days.

Good morning Guys!

So it is now written in ink that former MFM midfielder Chukwuka Onuwa will play for Enyimba next season. According to reports, he has signed a three year contract. And shortly afterwards, he expressed his feelings and expectations.

The quotes below are courtesy of NigerianNews website. –

“My target with Enyimba is to help them return to their glorious day by winning the league and also to win CAF Champions league,” the former MFM FC mercurial midfielder said.

“I feel happy to join one of best club in Africa. For such a club to show interest in me meant I did well in MFM.”

“I had a wonderful time with MFM, it was great five years with the club. God used the coaches, backroom staff, my wonderful teammates to shape my career.

“My appreciation goes to the man, coach Fidelis Ilechukwu, who gave me the opportunity to hit the limelight. I will always I appreciate him.

“I can’t forget the fantastic fans who gave me the support I needed both on and off the pitch”.

The quotes go on and on but I guess this is where our connection to how many words cease. I do have my reservations about his signing and I did highlight that in an earlier post but does it matter? From my heart, I wish him the very best and I hope he rides on to have a very successful career with us.

In another and totally unrelated news, the Super Falcons consisting of a few of my close friends are hoping to shake themselves up as at other times. Having gone into this tournament at the back of another very atrocious lack of preparation. Hopefully, and for the sake of the love of our country, they wriggle themselves to a win.

Finally, I’ll like you to take out some time today to pray for Nigeria. The news and updates we hear everyday tries to inspire fear. May God deliver our country from her enemies – within and without. Amen.

That’s all for today.



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