The big men doing their job

Good morning Guys,

End of the week. It’s 30th November; which means it’s 25 days to Christmas. Not sure about you but I have this interesting relationship with Christmas and the Christmas season. You know growing up, harmattan would’ve been in full swing now and we’d be dreaming of an Owo Ahiafor Christmas. Owo Ahiafor?? Yes Google it.

Back to reality. So news filtered in yesterday that after the LMC and Club owners had a meeting, they rejected and rebuffed the proposal to promote eight teams to the top flight. Right call and kudos to the big men for doing the right thing. No system makes any meaningful progress by people twisting the laws to favor their friends and drinking buddies.

I’m yet to fully grasp how next season’s calendar would look like but like we mentioned on the blog yesterday, our intentions must be clear from the go – winning and defending our turf with eyes firmly fixed on the prize. Next season is one we cannot afford to end empty handed. It’s really been a while we won something.

Then there’s also the issue of the forth coming elections. Usually, elections affect the progress of the League. Reason why in more ways than one, we need to grow up as a country. We haven’t been able to get in place systems that will run independent of specific individuals running things.

This is why even when we clamor for accountability and a transparent way of running things in our football, there’s a puzzling look from certain quarters. As though they’re asking what planet those demanding these things are coming from. There’s hardly a football association anywhere in the world devoid of some inner tussle and corrupt allegations.

There are unsatisfied football fans in almost every footballing country. From the South Americans in places like Argentina to even a place like the United States where fans think the soccer federation is not in touch with the rest of the populace. Even the parent body FIFA is not exactly without its own troubles.

Are we now with this, giving excuses why things can’t work in our football? A thousand times No! I mean despite some of these not-too-pleasant details, a lot of these countries and Federations are making significant progress. At least there are infrastructural and organizational advancements.

My point is, while we wait for the perfect day, we can start making progress in the smaller strides. Everyone must be committed to doing the best they can with the roles they occupy. For instance, we can’t blame the NNL and the NFF for Enyimba’s social media handles being on an extended holiday since we lost to Raja Casablanca. See my point?

Thank you for your letters yesterday. I enjoyed them. Send in yours if you haven’t.

Have a blessed day everyone

Back tomorrow



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