Corner-kick: 3 players who should power us to big things next season

With neither the resumption date nor the number of teams that will compete in the league next season decided yet, everything seems up in the air. No one seems to have any idea what is going on.

We’ve all heard of the nonsense with 28 teams in the league. It’s madness is what it is. We earnestly hope someone will come to their sense in the nick of time.

However, in whatever shape of form, the league will resume. It was interesting to read out coach talking about what his targets are and how he plans to approach the season. One thing is clear: we must be quick out of the blocks.

In an abridged league group, getting first place isn’t as important, since there will be a championship round. Still, winning is a habit you cultivate, and it is never too early to start.

My concern, however, is that there is very little information coming through from the club regarding what the preparations are and how they are going.

Even though no one is sure of the date for the league’s resumption, I have seen updates from other clubs, all playing friendly games. From Enyimba, all is quiet. Perhaps this is a deliberate strategy from the club. That’s a real possibility. We wait and see.

In the meantime, the talk of the club lacking money is one which has become too familiar to the ears. This means that we will only make minimal investments, and must be content with what we already have. As such, I thought we ought to look at three players signed last season who could really power us next term.

Jean-Marie Guera

The former Energie of Benin captain only played a handful of matches for us last season, but he showed in those games that he can take the team up another level.

A positive midfielder who always wants to play forward, Guera also releases the ball quickly, which helps him avoid the physical aspect of our league football.

With our beloved Ibenegbu no longer as young as he used tk be, Guera could be the man to take over our creative midfield zone.

Olayinka Onaolapo

Injuries seriously limited Olayinka last season. He played the first couple of games, but just when it seemed he was beginning to settle in, he got injured and his season effectively ended.

This coming season gives him the opportunity to make amends, and finally compete for that right-back slot. He already has a new rival in Stanley Okorom, so he better hit the ground running. There is no doubting his ability.

Farouk Mohammed

The Ghana international seemed like he had the defensive midfield position sewn up. However, he lost his place later in our CAF Confederation Cup campaign to Dare Ojo.

Now that Dare has left the club, Farouk now has the all-clear. He will need to improve on his passing, which was a real weakness. But he is mobile, imposing and quick: this is his time, and he had to seize it.

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