Ab’dallah: On season targets and why he signed a new deal

Good morning Everyone.

Quite an eventful week it’s been for us here on the blog. I’m not sure I can remember a week this news-laden since the inception of the blog. Is it a good thing? Yes and No. Yes because we have fresh things to talk about and No because I’d rather we had just positive news only.

The gaffer is talking. This interview was culled from SCORENigeria and he highlights where we were before Ogunbote joined – making a return to the Continent.

“There is going to be two gates to the continent, the league and Aiteo Cup”, Abdalla noted.

“There’s going to be two groups now in the league so the point is to qualify from our group.

“For us, it’s going to be one game after another. It doesn’t matter if we are first, second or third; even fourth. All we need is to qualify.

“It’s when we get to the playoffs that champions and continental slots will emerge. We’ll do one thing at a time.”

“The most important thing is to gain a Continental slot because it’s very important that we return to the Continent.

“If a trophy comes, it will be a bonus. Last year we chased trophies because it’s been a long time we laid our hands on a silverware. The team have to come back and add more stars to the crown.”

On extending his contract he said,

“It’s all about continuity because Enyimba needs it and it’s the right thing to do,” he said.

“The team have done well and I think continuity is very important. That was the most considered factor (for remaining at Enyimba).

“I am getting used to the players and the players are getting used to me. Also, in terms of my career, continuity is very important.”

Interesting thoughts. If we ever had doubts of what Abd’allah’s primary target is, we are no longer in doubt. The club wants a return to the Continent and hopefully he can make that happen.

The question marks of course remain on the League itself and when resumption is likely. Meanwhile, Lobi play the preliminary stage game this evening. Here’s wishing them all the best.

Back tomorrow.



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