Issues brewing with our brand new Rolls Royce pitch

Good morning Everyone,

There are some days when I get out here and talk trash. There are other days when I walk away from my blog knowing that I had shared one or two important thoughts to you my dear reader. There are other days too when I’m in the middle, not sure if I made sense or talked trash. That happens. In other words, maybe I’m not always making sense all the time.

If the above paragraph didn’t make sense to you, maybe the lines that follow below will clear up the doubt.

So we have heard that our new turf – the world class Enyimba pitch, second to none in Africa, biggest playing surface in the world bla bla bla is now in danger of rotting away because of a lack of constant maintenance. Same stadium that took us three seasons to complete. Yea, same pitch that hasn’t even undergone one full League season.

First and foremost, I can’t make any full assertions because 1. I don’t understand what the true situation is with the pitch. Has it gone bad already? Or is it in danger of going bad because of a lack of constant maintenance. 2. I am not sure what exactly the terms of the contract are and what I was agreed afterward.

But here are my thoughts. First of all, it took us three seasons to build this pitch. It cannot be possible that this newly built pitch will go/has gone bad already. I mean, if it costs this much to build then what exactly is the cause of this sudden war cry for immediate maintenance? I am genuinely seeking for answers.

Secondly, Enyimba cannot afford to 1. Not have their stadium for games in the coming season and ahead. 2. Enyimba as a club, cannot afford to raise the sort of funds this “maintenance” is sounding like it would cost. I mean, this is a team that hasn’t even been able to buy the caliber of players it wants to buy.

We paid through the nose for this pitch. There has to be an affordable means of maintaining it. Otherwise spending what we did on it is totally stupid. I mean, why pay for so much, much more than you can maintain? If the government is reluctant to give the contractor what he’s asking for to “maintain” this pitch, maybe it’s because since the club can’t pay for it and the government itself is focusing on other responsibility.

As much as I know, we cannot have a pitch that our Groundsman can’t take care of the basic duties while serious works would then engage the contractor or consultant. It’s delusional to think the contractor would take up the work of constantly maintaining our pitch. Although “constantly maintaining the pitch” needs to be explained better to us laymen.

Evidently, we don’t have any money. I’m not proud to say it. But we need to boost our income. Again I ask, how do teams in Europe maintain their turf? I’ll give you an idea. It’s locally maintained and the minute there is a little flicker of trouble, consultants are ushered in. I think that is what we need.

I only just shared my thoughts. Feel free to create a website and share yours too.

Back tomorrow



One thought on “Issues brewing with our brand new Rolls Royce pitch

  1. I would love to see the contract between Monichelle and the Abia State government with respect to the Stadium.

    I expect that Monichelle included maintenance cost for a minimum duration after renovation completion. If he didn’t, poor. If he did and the govt took it out, poor.

    Irrespective of the contract, the stadium has to be maintained. With this endless interlull, it is only wise to firm up plans for the new season now.

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