Dear League owners, Please lets get serious

Good morning Guys,

Nearly 100 visits on my blog on a day we didn’t even have a blog post? Thank you guys. I treasure it. Early yesterday morning I tweeted how that because of the no league action and the fact that it was Sunday, we could permit a no blog Sunday. Sorry Guys. But here we are today and hey, onto today’s stuff.

So at the weekend, news emerged that the Nigerian National League is promoting 8 teams rather than the four it should have. Usually, the top flight would have relegated four teams at the end of the season to make room for the four coming from the NNL. And for the NNL, they usually have this playoffs to determine the winners.

So rather than the playoffs, rather than pick the top four teams, rather than even refuse to promote anyone, (seeing the NPFL didn’t relegate anyone), these uncles gathered and decided they had to promote eight teams into the top flight. Eight. That means twenty eight teams in the abridged League next season.

So I ask, what’s the fuss about playing in the top flight of the NPFL? Why are clubs who should have no business being in the top flight hustling to gain promotion to the top flight? Already we have teams in the NPFL who have no financial and administrative structures to be termed a professional club. Why are they all hustling to play in the top division?

It’s the same madness that makes teams who are not committed to player development or growth clamor for a Continental ticket. I remember two seasons ago when Kennedy Boboye was hired at Abia Warriors. The singular task he was handed was to get a Continental ticket. That year, Enyimba literally saved them from relegation.

Teams that cannot boast of salaries for their playing and coaching staff are hustling to play in the top flight. Teams that have no plan whatsoever to make their brand more profitable are clamoring to be in the top flight. Teams that have no idea of what professionalism is about. Teams that have players they don’t own and have no contracts for them. Please what is this madness?

The big shots are twisting the laws of the competition to favor their buddies. Aren’t y’all ashamed of yourselves? If we have to move the goalposts and laws every other minute, isn’t this why Chris Giwa holds this NFF by the balls? Is it true that we cannot learn from the Europeans and Americans we watch every week?

We blame Buhari for the way the country is, how about the little task given to you, are you running it with the integrity it deserves? Are you paying salaries or you’re stealing money from your vantage position? And when you guys make such decisions, you seek out hungry journalists to write about you and praise you in exchange for peanuts.

There’s a consolation. Y’all won’t be here forever. There is a new generation who will insist on the right thing and they will shame these ineptitude we are seeing from y’all.

I’m sorry I’m starting out your week in such tone, it’s only football. Sorry.

Back tomorrow.



6 thoughts on “Dear League owners, Please lets get serious

  1. Funny thing is, they decided to introduce promotion at the start of this season, they had enough time to organize the playoffs after their regular season ended but didn’t, now they want to promote eight teams !

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  2. If eight NNL teams will be promoted, there’s no point ever going back to a single format. Make we dey do abridged format dey go because NPFL isn’t ready for a single format.

    If all eight teams want to be in the NPFL, the financial rewards must be big. 😁

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  3. I suggest we have 32 teams in the top flight. We name it Nigerian World Cup. It will be knockout and will end within 1 month so we can meet every deadline, overcome every laziness, subdue every foolishness, pay every salary – just 1 month, chill and be alright.

    Nonsense. Absolute nonsense. Frauds. Incompetence glorified.

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