Enyimba sign Pogba -No not that one.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

So someone wrote out here on the blog that this is more of a motivational blog than a place to find updates about Enyimba. Well, all I can say is, for a club like ours, in a League such as ours, you’re unlikely to get more than we dish out here anywhere else. We do our best, we knock difficult doors and I think we do our best.

In the spirit of that, I’ll like to inform you of yet another Enyimba signing. His name is Dare Olatunji and he is yet another midfielder. He’s actually nicknamed Pogba and he was signed from Osun United. I don’t know much about him, in fact I don’t know anything about him but he comes very highly recommended. Although I’m big sure if I’ll love to have Man United’s Pogba in our midfield. I’m not much of a fan.

It’s a signing that falls into the mound of young and malleable and one I believe the gaffer should enjoy working with. I have a dream that one day, the average age for our team would be 25. Young, hungry, passionate Elephants looking for a legendary status. I can dare to believe. For Dare though, let’s hope he hits the ground running.

In other news, it does appear that Theophilus Afelokhai may not be leaving after all. A lot of us expressed our disappointment on the likelihood of our first choice goalkeeper leaving. It does appear – and I say this on the premises of some inside whispers, he is unlikely to leave this year. Good news isn’t it?

In yet another news piece, defender Ernest Governor has been invited to team up with the National Under-21 team as they ready for their WAFU tournament. Governor didn’t see a lot of action for us consequent upon the fact that they were probably better defenders ahead of him in the pecking order.

That brings to the total number of players we have at the camp to six. We have skipper Ikouwem Utin, Wasiu Alalade, Ernest Governor, Maxwell Effiom and the duo of Bright and Valentine Ozonwofor. The last two aren’t names very conversant to a lot of us but they are youngsters signed from nearby academies. They are both midfielders.

It would be a good thing that our youngsters get a run out especially in the Federation Cup in the coming season. It would also be nice if we could send them out on loan like we did with Valentine last season when he was sent to Ikorodu United. Watching these players improve and go on to achieve big things would be a pure delight.

That’s all I’ve got right now, but there should be corner-kick for y’all in a bit.

Have a good one guys and again,

Happy Thanksgiving.

Back tomorrow,


Picture courtesy of Tunde Shamaudeen


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