Enyimba Draws and getting your foot past the front door.

Good morning Guys,

Sometimes I feel very sorry for myself. Writing a daily blog is no joke. But writing a blog for a soccer club that thrives on secrecy is even tougher. Then, writing a blog for a club in an inconsistent League is even worse. All of that English above is my informal apology for not blogging yesterday.

Draws for the new season were made in Asaba yesterday after the double header. Twenty teams were drawn and the four teams that should have been promoted from the NNL were conspicuously absent. To be honest, I still haven’t understood how this coming League season would work. It is tiring. Honestly.

Today though I’ll like to share a very interesting experience I had yesterday. So a firm I work for was looking to hire some live updates reporter. They needed someone in Benue State and I reached out to some guy. I told him all that the job entailed and I told him how much was involved. His foremost response was “the money was too small, it wasn’t enough motivation” for him.

Now the irony was, I only told him half of what they will pay. I told him that that two/three hour work will pay 10K. I’ll like to point out here that I won’t be interfering with his money. Once he gets the job, his money comes from the company account to his. No middle men, no in-betweens. I was trying to size up if he was money driven or solutions driven.

So imagine going to the stadium where ordinarily, you would pay money, watch a game for about two hours and then head home. Now someone said, just spend two hours doing what you love, text us updates as they happen and we will give you 10K for it. The guy will actually get paid 20K but I didn’t want to tell him. I wanted the passion for the game be the motivation first.

This is how I became a League Delegate in 2014. I went to a stadium in Uyo and started sending live updates on twitter. Sometimes I’m at an empty stadium in Aba, live tweeting an FA Cup game between Shooting Stars and Kaduna United. Someone saw my works and gave me an opportunity.

I worked with him for about two months before the first paycheck came and all these while I didn’t know what I was going to be paid. When the paycheck eventually came, I was getting over 150K every month from doing what I love. Imagine if I had pressed for money from the Go and turned away this opportunity.

My point in all of this is, as good as money is, you can’t afford to let it be your motivation. You need to get your foot in the door first. Make that connection. Get that contact. Get networked with this people. Let money matters come up much later. After you have proven that you are capable of doing your work and doing it excellently.

If there’s something you can do very well, it means someone can pay you for it. If you’re diligent, if you’re ever improving, you will be dictating the terms soon. That’s all you get today.

Back tomorrow



3 thoughts on “Enyimba Draws and getting your foot past the front door.

    1. We certainly would meet someday. Bro, as for Enyimba updates, there’s hardly anyplace else where you’d find more. The club is run in a most secretive manner. Sorry I had disappointed you there. But thankfully you are getting some more you need.


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