More players are linked with the club, but it only means more exits

Good morning Guys

I’m gonna try this morning to share something neither negative nor positive. It’s just gonna be there. It’s become expedient for the sake of my mental faculties because negative posts produce negative energies. So today we would try to make it a very positive stuff.

There was a piece of news we missed earlier this week that had us linked with a couple of MFM youngsters. Noiser of the two is Chukwuka Onuwa, who only a few years ago was deemed not good enough by Heartland because he wasn’t the tallest player out there. Is he the shortest in the League? I think so.

MFM took a “gamble” on him and for the better part of their stay in the top flight, he has been one of their key players. Well we are linked with him. My thoughts? No sir. I have no personal grudges against him but I don’t think that he should be anywhere close to what we need. Again, this is a personal opinion. And I’ll say, please don’t take my advice.

Next is Stanley Okorom. I think he’s a left back. I’m not sure how much negotiations have gone between him and the club or if there is indeed a genuine interest from the club. But signing him means our left back trio of Ikouwem, Benjamin Francis and Nasiru Sani will be trimmed to one to accommodate him.

I actually did hear that Nasiru has left the club already. Destination Rangers International. It would be interesting and whilst that does make room for Okorom, you wanna know what the club has in stock for injury-prone Benjamin Francis. Or perhaps Ikouwem would be shipped to Europe.

You look at Ikouwem and think he’s probably one of a potential big money move. So assuming these speculation is true, Okorom readily tucks into the side. Can we say same for Onuwa in midfield? In attacking midfield we have Ibenegbu (who we hope recovers soon), Jean Marie and Chinedu Udeagha. Are we signing Onuwa to get into the team or will he be backup?

The numbers we have means he’s going to be on the bench for most of the season. Especially if he doesn’t hit the ground running. I prayed that we have grown past the era of signing up players in buck with absolutely no plan for them. We did talk about excesses and how we must cut down on them. I hope we have learnt.

This is supposed to be a happy and positive post. I’m sorry we’ve slipped back into old bad habits. Well, it’s 39 days to Christmas. That’s a positive isn’t it?

Have a great weekend y’all.

Back tomorrow.



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