Afelokhai and Anaemena share their thoughts

Good morning Guys.

Today’s will be short. I promise. It’s been a while we shared positive stuff here on the blog. And as I sit here writing, I’m trying to find some positive. I’m not being sarcastic but I am in dire need of some positivity. Lord help our club.

Center-back Ifeanyi Anaemena has been speaking. I’m gonna let y’all read this yourself and draw whatever conclusions you desire by yourself. His words below –

“Yes, some big clubs in the league have approached me, but I have not decided on anything yet because I still have a contract with Enyimba so there is nothing certain at the moment. I have one more year to spend with Enyimba so there are decisions I can’t take on my own,” he said.

“You know football is all about money and there have been tempting offers on the table. I will take my time to decide and speak to my club about any action I intend to take,” he concluded.

My thoughts on that? I’m keeping my thoughts to myself. Meanwhile Theophilus Afelokhai has also been talking about his recent call up. According to him, this call-up isn’t about his very fine season with Enyimba. His words are below as well.

“It is not about my recent performance for Enyimba that earned me the invitation because I have always been at my best, I simply believe it was all in God’s Plan,” Afelokhai said.

Things will get lot clearer in the days ahead. It’s a short one today, I kept my word.

Have a beautiful day everyone.



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