Striker Sunday Adetunji leaves Enyimba

Good morning Guys,

So we didn’t have a blogpost yesterday. I’m sorry. If you wanna hear the story, I’ll gladly oblige you.

So my lady had a flight scheduled for 6pm. The airline said mechanical faults mean it will be rescheduled for 9:45pm. Then 5:45am. Finally, that flight took off 12noon the next day. And all this while, I had to provide as much company as possible throughout the ordeal.

I mean, it’s difficult trying to concentrate when your wife is about to get on a plane that the pilot has already said had “mechanical faults”. Brothers and sisters I couldn’t risk it abeg. I don’t have strength. So yea, I couldn’t blog yesterday. Again I’m sorry.

The big news is that striker Sunday Adetunji has left the club and has returned to Abia Warriors. Who else didn’t see that coming? Me neither. I dare say as well that the player himself didn’t. There had to be some sort of disagreement between both clubs that this has fizzled out.

Only a few days ago, we shared the strikers Joy with the new contract handed to Coach Ab’dallah. Maybe he isn’t your most prolific strikers by whatever parameters you are measuring with, but you can’t take away the fact that he not only breathed life into our attack last season but he is one of the better finishers in the League.

Just like Peter Onyekachi’s signing a few seasons ago, this was only a loan move. And it leaves me wondering – however can’t we even 1. Scout decent strikers and 2. Make outright purchases for these guys. Perhaps the selling club doesn’t want to sell, in which you can’t really do much.

I feel that we need to do more by way of strengthening our academy. We do have a feeder team but their activities can be improved upon because every decent club in the world grows players and rippen them for the senior team. We aren’t doing a lot in that direction. We can be a major supplier of players to Europe, because we do not lack the talent.

We can make so much from player sales. But we have to sow the seed that will yield that sort of harvest. There are tonnes of decent and new generation academy coaches out there. Enyimba can hire these guys and task them with grooming players. Call it a 5 year project. In 5 years, will be making so much from player sales.

Like they say, the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is today. We can start today. And secure the future. If we love this club as much as we claim we do.

There’s corner-kick coming your way in a few hours.



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