Not sure about you but as an Enyimba fan, this gives me cause to be concerned

Good morning Guys.

I’m not sure how long this will be. It might as well be two paragraphs because I’m not sure how much I can let out here. Or it could turn an epistle and I rant till I fall off back asleep. But as a true Aba born and raised, it does seem that the fears we have expressed here on the blog might not be too far away. Let me explain.

A few days ago, I asked here on the blog; if we are going to win the League anytime soon. It might not be voiced but going into this season, we are under intense pressure to win something again. I mean, we rate successes by trophies won, isn’t it? Well we have now gone trophyless for three seasons. You always knew that.

The underlying problem becomes, if we can attract and sustain the sort of talent that a club of our prestige deserves. A couple of our key players are being courted by Plateau United and a few others. Plateau United for starts are going about their transfer business like they struck some Goldmine. They’ve signed a couple of decent guys, some of them real quality stuff. Including my man Abdu Makaiba.

How does that concern us as Enyimba fans? I’ll tell you. Players don’t care about playing for your club, especially if someone else is offering to pay them more money. I mean, what’s the special thing about playing for you? You’re not in the Continent, you don’t fly your players around to away games and you don’t even give them the social media exposure they need.

So every one of the 20/24 NPFL teams is pretty much about the same thing in terms of living/feeding/welfare conditions. We at Enyimba are left with a name – Nigeria’s most successful club side that isn’t that successful anymore. We have allowed our brand go stale because at the time when we were a team doing big things in the world, we failed to take advantage of it.

Enyimba does need to start doing things differently. I know we’ve said this so much, that we are sounding like a broken gong but we are currently at a point where we cannot afford the costs of signing the sort of players we need. A lot of us are dreaming over the potential signing of Caleb Bonfils, but ask yourself, can we even afford him? Everyone knows Akwa United have taken Mfon Udoh off us, but did anyone also tell you, they are reportedly going to have him on a million Naira a month?

Do you think he isn’t better off playing back at Akwa? The irony, if you didn’t know it, is the fact that even if we wanted to give him a new contract, we couldn’t offer him that sort of money! There was a time Enyimba paid the best salaries. We got whatever players we wanted. Breaking news, we don’t pay the heaviest salaries anymore. Do you know why? Simple- we can’t sustain this team on Government handouts every month.

So what should we do, you’d ask. It’s the same things we have been hammering on the blog for the past two months. We need to boost our revenue channels. We have to consciously discover and pay attention to areas where we can become a more marketable brand. This has to become an urgent issue requiring urgent attention.

I may not be a prophet but things don’t look that exciting at Enyimba anymore. Not the present and not the future if you’re looking from the standpoint that I am. A quick fix would have been a massive sale of a quality player maybe to an European or North African club. But who wants what we have? No one. Who wants to come on board as a sponsor? No one.

Not sure about you but as an Enyimba fan, this gives me cause to be concerned.

Nigeria’s most successful club needs a new theme on its corridors of power. It has to be a theme of aggressive marketing. Exploring newer ways to bring in more money into this football club. As it stands, this situation is far away from hopeless. There are solutions. solutions that will work.

Have a great Sunday y’all.

Back tomorrow



8 thoughts on “Not sure about you but as an Enyimba fan, this gives me cause to be concerned

  1. This is indeed worrisome. It’s alarming that a clubs like Enyimba still depends on Government handouts to survive. I think it’s high time Mr Felix Anyansi give way for a fresh Man with fresh ideas to move this club forward.

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  2. A club were mediocrity is been encouraged. A club been run like a one man’s shop in ariaria market. Always running to government even for pure water, What do you expect. Then praying to God to come change its fortune miraculously.


  3. No transparency or what so ever in this club. Is this club a one man’s shop. We really need an audit firm to come audit enyimba’s book from 2000 till now. That’s if we even have a book/account or record. and they want us to keep supporting a laughing stock that is becoming an eyesore and nothing but a tool to score cheap political points.


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