Dimgba deal: to sign or not to

Good morning Guys.

It’s a super super short post today. I promise. I mean, I literally have ten minutes to do this. So iff yoou seee anny mistakees on this bloog todday, bblame it oon meee. Thanksss.

So first things first. Yesterday we tweeted that Stanley Dimgba has signed a new deal at Enyimba. Ermmm maybe that’s us prophesying because new intel from his agent is that they have yet to sign the deal. Where does that leave us, I’ll share.

In the absence of Mfon Udoh last season, Stanley did step up the plate and did produce the goods time and time again. So in the light of Mfon’s end of contract at the club, you’d think he becomes even more important. Because you do want some quality on the flanks. That is a pro on him signing.

On the flip, Dimgba isn’t the youngest player around anymore. And while this should naturally affect his contribution, it leaves both teams (our camp and his) serious thinking. He needs a new heavy and perhaps long term contract and for us, can we offer him that? In the light of what we will need on that left/right flank?

For him, it’s probably his last chance salon to make that move to Europe. Europe is every player’s dream as we have seen time and time again in the League. The reality however is that not everyone will get that European move. My point here is that both parties do really need to sit it out and think this through. On what’s best for both parties.

My other thought this morning is on what becomes of the myriads of young players waiting on the fringes at the club. I believe that this new season Ab’dallah shows a willingness to give them an opportunity. Enyimba needs to be bold enough to let these younger kids show what they have. Look at what has turned out with Ikouwem. Younger players are eager and more willing to improve. Younger players are malleable and that’s not excluding their physical strength.

Let the club sign the Not too young to play for Enyimba deal. It’s never been more crucial and needed than it is right now.

That’s your fried eggs this morning. Back tomorrow



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