New info emerges on Ab’dallah’s new contract

Good morning Family.

Quick start. So while looking through at our stats from yesterday, we saw visits from such countries as Germany, Spain and Brazil among others. Like some World Cup, isn’t it? Well, I do hope though, that it would be Professional clubs interested In signing some of our lads. I know what you’re thinking, can’t a man dream again?

The players return on Monday for preparations for the new season. The gaffer with a shinny new paycheck is speaking and the first line does shock me. Usman Ab’dallah discloses that he was given a one year contract with an option to renew at the end of the season and not a two year deal.

“I have agreed to an extension to my contract. It is actually a year contract with an option for another year. I will have the opportunity to renew the contract at the expiration of the next season based on how results and other things pan out at the end of the season,” Abdallah said.

“I want to continue from where I stopped and it is my pleasure to continue working with Enyimba for another season. I have told the management some of the changes I want and the reform that must take place before the start of the season.”

Interesting to me. It just means that the kudos and accolades we pushed in the direction of the club isn’t worth it then. I mean, it’s same old isn’t it? We were hoping for two years, alas it was just one. Again, isn’t it baffling that the gaffer signed a new contract and the club social media platforms are still sleeping and dozing? No word. No tweet. No text. Absolutely nothing. I wonder how those folks are actually paid money for being totally nonexistent. It’s a Shame.

The gaffer also mentions reforms he wants of the club ahead of the new season. It would be interesting to know what these things are and if indeed they were honored. Jounos who will attend Enyimba’s games next season, how about asking this question to him. Let’s know what these reforms are and if they were heed to by the club. Thank you.

Meanwhile striker Sunday Adetunji has shared his thoughts on Ab’dallah’s new contract.

Adetunji said: “I am happy that our coach now has a full contract with the club. It is good and is something that will help us to do well.

“In fact, the team is used to the coach’s style and philosophy now and the continuity will greatly help us to fight for honors next season.”

The business starts on Monday and it would be a very different kind of season with 24 teams in the League. We watch and wait to see how this one opens up.

Back tomorrow



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