Afelokhai in the news again: the Good and the not so good…

Good morning Brethren.

Today, this Tuesday is probably gonna be my longest day ever. I’ve got back to back engagements from 10am to 10pm. So I’m gonna jinx this post by saying it would be a short one. Hopefully it will be. If not, it’s still ok.

Theophilus Afelokhai is in the news again. Actually there are two different items about him. He has been invited to replace the injured Francis Uzoho for Nigeria in the forthcoming Super Eagles matches. The easy question thrown into the mix is if He will also displace Ikechukwu Ezenwa as he does at the club.

Afelokhai has been around for a while and remains one of the biggest guns as far as the League is concerned. He won back to back titles at Kano Pillars, also captaining them in the process and so despite lack of strong International experience, his has been a case of better heads and hands ahead of him in the pecking order.

Of course how he would be used by the German remains to be seen. Interestingly though you can’t help but look at the CAF Confederation ties to see how his stock rose. Because of course we know, heading into the just concluded season, he was second fiddle to Fatau Dauda. But isn’t that the mystery of life and opportunities?

On the other side of the street are rumors about his time at the club. Evidently, he feels his time is up and this is why he is keeping mum as one of the tabloids is quoted saying. He is surely sought after, no doubt but my understanding is that his contract is not up just yet at the club.

You can’t help but shake your head at these blind rumors and claims and counterclaims. If only clubs come out to announce how much a player was signed. And how long his contract is. They may not be mandated to announce the later but how about how much he was signed? I’m asking a hard thing. I know.

Bottom line is, If Afelokhai does indeed leave the club, he will not come cheap to whoever wants him. That said, let us think about where we were coming from – Chijioke Ejiogu, Moses Ocheje and Femi Thomas. Our ideal replacements would have to be in the mould of the George Michaels and the Suraj Ayelesos of the League.

We watch, we wait, time will tell.

Back tomorrow



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