Contracts and transfers at the club: Some ray of light

Good morning Guys

Welcome to another week and boy, it’s just 51 days to Christmas. That also means this year will be over in less than 60 days. That should fill you with gladness and a determination to get started with/finish up whatever things you planned to do. Wishing you God’s speed.

Last week, we lamented the contract situations at the club. We mentioned Afelokhai, Dare, Bashir, Dimgba and Mfon all of who are either looking at a move away from the club or have come to the end of their deals at the club. Looking at those names, you can’t help but note how key each of them Is to the team.

Well, there is some bit of some development. My source won’t let me name names at this time but I can guarantee you that at this time, two of those aforementioned names are 80% completed. When the dotted lines are signed, we will make it official here. We have to respect our source.

Also, there have been a couple of internationals currently being looked at by the club. One is a midfielder and he’s from one of the clubs we played during the CAF Confederations Cup Group stage. Again I’ve been instructed by my client to keep mum and I can only gain his confidence the more by respecting that.

On the flip, I also learnt the club’s assistant captain Ifeanyi Anaemena is being looked at by the two clubs with Continental duties for the coming season. Lobi, Rangers and Akwa United want the Enyimba Center-back. What could happen? It’s difficult to say. But it’s difficult to argue that he has been anything but our most consistent Center-Back.

Being this close to goings on at the club at this time makes one really appreciate how much work goes on behind the scenes. This is not in anyway saying that we have suddenly become like the European clubs. We are actually some distance away from them.

The next couple of weeks will be crucial as the League is being mooted to resume in December. I’m yet to fully understand how the abridged league will work but I hope to make out time to study the materials. I’m gonna end this with a question I got asked yesterday,

Do you think Enyimba can win the League again anytime soon?

Back tomorrow



One thought on “Contracts and transfers at the club: Some ray of light

  1. I guest that international midfielder is either from Mali or CIV.

    On Enyimba winning the NPFL anytime soon: We have the capability of becoming the next champion because we are the best in the land, NO DOUBT.

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