Imama at Enyimba; the case for or against

Good morning Guys.

Maybe I should stop making promises because I end up moving the goalposts. Sometimes you think such and such should be the theme of your next day’s post but somehow something much more serious comes up and overtakes those thoughts. Our end of season reviews will start soon. OK?

There has been whispers that it could be Imama who takes over our head coaching position. Enyimba would tell you that the club “doesn’t conduct its business on the pages of newspapers” and that is true. But I can’t head but dance around those thoughts as I rise up to my blog today.

What would an Imama Amakpakabo coaching mean? First and foremost, it means very attacking football. And this judgement is based on the report card of his time at Rangers. At El-Kanemi Warriors? The peculiar situation of the environment won’t let us determine for sure what brand of football that team offered.

Imama made use of the quartet of Chisom Egbuchulam, Bobby Clement, Godwin Aguda and Obinna Nwobodo to devastating effect that season and they did win the league. But that team was also notorious for shipping in goals, draws and sometimes defeats at home. And least you forget, he won them the league after 32 years.

Away from home, their attacking nature meant they wouldn’t sit back and defend on alien terrain. That is a plus because it guaranteed away joy. Scoring away from home puts the home teams on the edge and depending on how you defend, you could either earn an away draw or even a win. This is Imama in three paragraphs.

On his suitability at Enyimba, I would have okayed that move a year ago before we made the poor decision of recalling Aigbogun. In fact I would have okayed Imama ahead of renewing an Ogunbote contract. Because although I have taken to a personal likeness to the Oracle, I am not sure he should be the gaffer at our club.

We have literally stumbled upon Ab’dallah who has had an ok season so far. Calling up Imama at this point means literally starting afresh. I wondered yesterday why teams offer a one year contract to coaches. The answer is simple – shortsightedness. Teams (ours inclusive) only prepare for here and now, no big plans for the future.

It would be nice to see some form of consistency in place. Be bold to hand a coach a three year contract. A coach who will put the right developmental structures in place to improve the team. This is why I frown at the fact that our feeder teams have no sense of direction. No goals set, no parameters for measuring or judging or justifying their progress.

It might eventually be the wrong call but I’ll like at least another year of Ab’dallah. If it ends up being the wrong call, then we would have learnt. We can then go for Imama or whoever is the better person then. Imama will probably go to Akwa United and will be available after one year.

Back tomorrow.



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