When you’re being made to wait…

Good morning Guys,

I wanna keep this short today. This is not entirely Enyimba related but because we are still nursing our wounds and reminding ourselves of the painful events of Wednesday, I’ll tell a nice little story.

So recently I began working with a Group that covers and broadcasts sport games. You know like Supersport. In other words, I became a video cameraman. Purpose, to learn the functionality and dynamics of working a video camera for live sporting events.

Having been there for a month, watching others handle cameras in games, I was itching for some action. Then one day I was scheduled to work Camera 4. I was elated. But getting to the game, they handled someone else the camera. And put me on “utility”. Utility is another way of saying, “You’re gonna do nothing all game today”. I felt hurt but I kept a smiling face.

Yesterday, same thing repeated. I got scheduled to work the wireless camera. But getting there, someone else had already been assigned for it again. I was yet again scheduled for utility. The game started and I sat in wondering how I’d see out the next three hours of doing nothing.

Then out of the blues, one of the bosses came in. And took me into the truck where all the screens are. Quickly taught me what to do and instantly I began the job of switching the screens in the course of the game. It was the one thing I had dreamt of before starting the job.

I said all of that to say this. Waiting doesn’t always mean that you’ll never get your shot. If you’re being made to wait, don’t see it as an opportunity to get discouraged or angry. There is strength in waiting. The key as always is to ensure that while you wait, you’re readying yourself. And while at that, you’re cheering others up.

People get into clubs where their coaches don’t like them. Some demand money to get you to feature. But if you get angry, and get spiteful because no one is letting you “shine”, and fail to ready for the future, you’d end up proving them right with their decisions to ignore you. Keep a cheerful look and wait for your turn. Because yours will surely come. All its gonna take is time.

We will start our Enyimba end of season report card from tomorrow. I’m not sure if we’d go player by player or department by department but we will try to scrutinize everyone’s contributions and rate them by how they fared.

That’s all for today.

Back tomorrow,



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