CAFCC: As we jet out to Morocco today…

Good morning Guys,

So we are off to Casablanca to play those people on Wednesday. We’ve been fairly quiet about it on the blog for a while now. It was intentional, so the team is allowed to do their job quietly and not the distraction of every noise we make here. I’ve got a guest post for y’all. Below.

The team will leave for Casablanca for a make or mar trip for pride, prize and procession. With a 0-1 deficit, success looks bleak to almost everyone judging that our biggest defeat in the Continent came at the hands of a club in the same Maghreb region but we can also remember that a victory in this fixture might be our biggest too?

CAF Champions League: Ismaili 1-0 Enyimba FC (12 December 2003)

A defeat that was a victory in the peculiar situation it was. Yes, it was the halt of a four match unbeaten run in the Continent but the 1-0 scoreline was really a big victory with the first leg ending 2-0 in Enyimba’s favour. This was the same team that lost 6-1 to this same Ismaily FC of Egypt in the group stage just about four months before only to win their first continental trophy and celebrate the firsthand joy of “mission accomplished” inside enemy territory. Talk about revenge served with a chilled bottle of kunu.

CAF Champions League: Etoile du Sahel 3-0 Enyimba FC (20 April 2016)

Another defeat in regular time that came due to lackadaisical approach to a game. It saw us throw away a healthy 3-0 lead but Theophilus “Safe Hands” Afelokhai stepped up and made sure that he kept three of the seven penalty kicks he faced and one other missed the goalpost to help Enyimba win 4-3 on penalties. That ensured our advancement to the money spinning Group stages of the competition. But we failed to advance beyond the Group stage.

One thing to learn from these two triumphs is that somehow, some people turned up and believed that even in the face of despair, something can be salvaged. It worked and the history books had new additions on each occasion.

It is now time for the current crop of the playing staff at the club to put in 110% and the coaching staff also come out with plans A, B, C, D to Z that are only laced with belief. Arsene Wenger would say, If you don’t believe you can, then you don’t really have a chance. We only lose if we stop believing that we can win there. All our continental titles have come at the expense of the North African sides and it is time to stamp our dominance again if we pull off this “Mission Impossible”.

We have all we need for this victory. Raja Club Athletic are beatable and if we do all the right things, we might even end up surprising ourselves and everyone else. So as we jet out to Morocco, those dreams are in order. Dreams that we can indeed return to this country with a ticket into the finals.

We are Enyimba International. Rien n’est Impossible.

Back tomorrow



One thought on “CAFCC: As we jet out to Morocco today…

  1. We say no to any spirit of tension, cold, shiver and fatigue on Wednesday, Amen.

    We don’t want the performance of Casablanca (Wydad 2011) and Ismailia (2003) where we didn’t have any hope of scoring a goal at all, instead we want to play like we did in Sousse (2004 final).

    Yes we can.


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