OK, Let’s make Enyimba some money.

Good morning Guys,

It’s gonna be a little sport marketing class today. So because we aren’t doing any Sport marketing doesn’t mean that it is not possible. It doesn’t also mean that everyone else is clueless as to how to make things work differently and hopefully better.

As far as Enyimba is concerned, we need new results financially. We need to start being able to bring in some income to the club. Everything that we spend doesn’t have to be coming directly from the Government. It is wise that we can boast of our own finance for our tasks.

So let’s start. First and foremost, we need to pay attention to our ticketing and sales. We tend to ignore it but if we have 15,000 people coming in for our games at an average of N200 per ticket, that means 3 million Naira per match day. 3 million is a little amount of money but spread that over 19 home games excluding the Continent,

19 home games mean 57 million Naira. 57 million Naira is a tithe of our annual budget. But hold on Sam, how do you get this money in bulk? I mean, it’s between 38 match days before this funds come in right? Yes. So this 57 million can only come in as a cumulative figure at the end of the season? Ermmm not really. This is why clubs have season ticket holders.

Season ticket holders pay off the costs of attending 19 home games at once. 19 home games is 3,800 Naira. Is it true that we couldn’t find Enyimba fans who would commit 3800 for full access to all the home games per season? It would be tough yes but it is very possible. That’s where the next step comes.

The club must decide first of all to have a database of all her fans. Why? Because this is how the marketing will be done. Phone numbers, addresses, email addresses. Anything and everything that helps you get in touch with these guys when you need to. With this database, you can start extensive digital and (analogue) marketing.

This is where the club gets creative. What can we offer season ticket holders? What could come in that package that fans would love and treasure? There are tonnes of things Enyimba can offer her season ticket holders. At this stage, the club wouldn’t afford to still keep seeing itself as a roadside football club.

Meanwhile, how can the club get the database of her fans? Oh that’s simple. From the point of tickets purchase, fans can be made to fill a form either online or in person before a ticket is sold them. These email addresses and phone numbers become the first port of call to reach the fans. Season ticket holders is only one, there is a lot more things big clubs do.

These things are not rocket science. Did you just ask if Enyimba fans are on the Internet? Ask yourself, how many people do I know who don’t have WhatsApp. WhatsApp uses data. Think.

Dare you say this wouldn’t work? I’m just laughing at you.


One more time

Hahahahaha 😂

Back tomorrow.

‘ EnyimbaEnyi


7 thoughts on “OK, Let’s make Enyimba some money.

  1. I’m highly disappointed in this post. If after 18 years of success,the club hierarchy can’t realise this, maybe it is best the team is disbanded because there is no point in achieving success yet no value for it.

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      1. I’m disappointed in the post for trying to school the Enyimba authorities. What have they been doing all these years?

        Honestly we should start mocking the club authorities for creating zero value to a club that should much bigger than it is. The club is not even big sef. 😠

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  2. Good write-up, guys and fans will buy off that ticket in a week and to realize that total fund will not be a problem but many questions,
    What will happen if LMC ends the league as they did this yr?
    What is the position of the management about keeping the data base?
    What is the position of the management on the following: stadium violence and key decision, like sacking/hiring of coaches/players?
    Will theses fans be giving a slot in some decisions about the players/coaches?
    I think Enyimba can do this as it will go a long way to make the team a professional football club…

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