We trounced them 5-1 but there’s something we can learn from Rayon Sport

Chinatu Jon

Good morning Guys,

Everyone emotionally attached to Enyimba believes that the club is one of the biggest in these climes. We are clearly heads and shoulders above many other clubs in the country and It’s same in the Continent where we are ranked the 17th best football club in Africa.

But here’s an excerpt from a news I came across yesterday:

Skol Brewery Ltd will this (yesterday) afternoon recognize – and give awards – the best three Rayon Sports players for the recently concluded 2017/2018 season.

The three players will be awarded in three different categories namely; the club’s player of the year, the scorer of the best goal, as well as the season’s revelation.

The brewery company’s General Manager, Ivan Wulffaert, had promised to reward Rayon Sports players back in May when the team braved the odds to reach the group stage of the 2018 CAF Confederation Cup – the country’s first team to do so.

…Skol will also use the occasion to launch Gikundiro Promotion 2018-19, a promotion that will give Rayon Sports fans a chance to win flight tickets to accompany the team in a match outside Rwanda.

Skol Brewery Ltd – Rayon Sports kit sponsors – pump Rfw69m (NGN28.88m) in the club per year.

Last year, the two parties renewed their sponsorship deal until 2022.

Yes we know Rayon Sports, the Rwandan team we saw off 5-1 on aggregate after drawing the first leg in Kigali and we are far bigger than them but there are burning questions arising from the story I shared.

Why don’t we have sponsors? Do we have a marketing department? Are our financial records available? Do we actually have financial records that can be used to track progress? Are we ready for sponsors and partners?

The last part of this barrage of questions above are the reasons why we don’t have sponsors. I’ll explain. When you go to meet up sponsors, they want to see your numbers. They want to see what you’re doing and not just a name with good history. A partnership like that would involve some level of openness with potential partners.

Let’s even talk about the players. These guys are humans and crave for attention and appreciation. Have we ever held an end of the year/season gala for the playing staff just to say thank you? Yes they’re being paid but this is an extra motivating factor because you won’t know who has resolved to make the podium when the awardees are mentioned.

Fans are conditional givers and more from the club will have them give more. Human are wired to be selfish and their personal gains drive their interests. Lots of Enyimba fans are just happy to associate with the club for the sake of the bragging rights but if the management is committed to making this brand as big as it is painted to be then there are more that can be done.

The club can embark in community service for acquaintance purposes to the fans and I know the residents of Aba will support any gesture by the club to give back to the community, if they’re properly informed. It does well to improve your fan base which helps in attracting sponsorship deals.

It is very disheartening that a club in the mould of Enyimba relies solely upon the state government for funds. It is high time the club administrators leverage on our relative success and huge fan base to reposition this club for the heights expected of it. We’ve tumbled where others have trodden and this makes me ask if we are as big as we think we should be.

Congrats to Eric Rutanga, Kevin Muhire and Rwatubyaye Abdoul on your awards.

Excerpts from: https://www.newtimes.co.rw/sports/skol-award-rayon-sports-best-players-2017-18-season-today

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7 thoughts on “We trounced them 5-1 but there’s something we can learn from Rayon Sport

  1. Nice write up!

    Sadly, Enyimba is not the only club in this mess. All the clubs in Nigeria can’t even be called professional entities in the true sense of the word.

    Unfortunately, the boardroom guys know this but can’t get off their cozy chairs to the work cos of laziness. They’d rather feed fat off government’s largesse due to lack of accountability!

    Big ups bro!!!

    *Ghanaman signing out*

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  2. Until Enyimba are off government control, the likes of Rayon Sports will be bigger than them. It is not only titles that make a club successful but creating a brand out of the success and apparently Enyimba is not a brand.

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  3. Honestly it’s annoying. I just thought about it that Manchester United have not tasted great success since Sir Alex Ferguson retired yet they are still the most valuable club in the world.

    Arsenal didn’t have success for nine years in which they were subject to consistent mockery, yet the Gunners were still head and shoulders as per finances with Europe’s big guns.

    Enyimba is simply a big disappointment and I think we should be driving that more. Maybe they will make those at the helm of affairs sit up. Yeye people.

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