Benefit of hindsight: Players at the club, to stay or to leave?

Good morning Guys.

Two things I’ll like to talk about today. First of all, you remember the story of a new woman at my workplace that I speculated that she wouldn’t last long? Well, the shocking news is that, that woman has exceeded one month at my workplace.

I had predicted that she won’t last long. I had thought that at most she’ll only stay on for maybe a week or two. Now, Unlike “nicer”, “more hardworking” people I know, she is still on there. Somehow after she started working with us, two of the people doing her job suddenly left. One had health issues and the other got transferred. So miraculously, and all of a sudden, she’s now the leading candidate for permanent position. Shocking.

I did say she won’t be retained. I was wrong. Because we write blogs, opinions and feature articles, doesn’t mean that we are in any way, the ones with the final say. I can come on here and tell how I think a player is not good enough for us, but it doesn’t mean that I am looking into the crystal ball of their future.

We can predict trends – we can say “such and such will happen because of such and such” but that is no way near the end of the story because there are other factors. I remember about four years ago when I did a post criticizing the late General, Chinedu Udoji. He was playing poorly at the time and I almost did write him off as a liability. But fast forward, today in the annals of NPFL, Chinedu Udoji will always be one of the best.

No matter what anyone says about you, the end of the story actually lies with God and with you. You both determine what happens – you say what becomes. I did heavily criticize Afelokhai this season. As I did guys like Ernest Governor. At the time when they weren’t doing much at the club. But (the former especially). they both have in their respective ways shown they are able to contribute.

Onto the second thing that I wanted to mention. Not much have been heard of the suspensions of Mfon Udoh and Fatau Dauda. Last weekend, a WhatsApp message was floating around as our skipper’s apology letter. It’s really not my business to evaluate the letter or the medium or to tell the club what to do but it’s interesting knowing what is going on.

As for Mfon, his contract expires at the end of this season. For what becomes of him and his contract? Your guess is as good as mine. Everything depends on the value the club places on him. Can the team move forward without him? Definitely but how can you tell if keeping for longer would be worth it?

We don’t have benefit of hindsight and such we can’t tell what the morrow holds. But then, it’s someone’s job to lay awake at night and try to figure these things out. Hopefully the choice they make becomes the right one.

Back tomorrow



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