A Super Eagles call-up and bidding your time

Good morning Guys.

I’m gonna try to make this short. I probably won’t. But the dominant theme this weekend is how we outfought and outthought the Libyans in Saturday’s 4-0 trashing of the North Africans. It was a truly memorable performance but from an Enyimba point of view, it got me thinking.

A few years ago, Kingsley Sokari was the hottest thing in Nigerian football space. He would play for three National teams – under 20. Under 23 and the home-based Eagles. The manner in which he was deployed denied us his services for a good chunk of that season.

Then he got that transfer to Tunisia. CS Sfaxien signed him off us and gradually his noising dried up. A lot of us, myself in particular have not seen him play since then. I believe he is doing well for his club, otherwise and if he wasn’t, he won’t have been given a new Contract. And maybe he is enjoying his football much more right now ignoring the National teams.

The connection? I’ll tell you in a bit. So we all have been asking for Ikouwem to be deployed at Left Back for the Super Eagles. But the real question is, should he be rushed into the position right now? Yes we aren’t well stocked there but like we saw yesterday, someone can come in and do a decent job.

My point thus becomes, seeing he is the Under-20 skipper, maybe we can leave him to grow into whatever the future holds for him. Even at Enyimba right now, he is still honing his skills. And going by what we see already, we know he is destined for big things. It’s only a matter of time.

If this country could at some point, totally ignore Sokari, then Ikouwem better learn from the experience. Bid your time, keep improving till the moment you are unable to be ignored. That day is coming, and it’s as certain as the rising sun. Till it comes, stay faithful and keep improving.

That’s all we can share today.

Have a good one guys.



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