Money troubles and a change of tactic

Good morning Guys.

I’m up today and a little excited. I got nominated for an award unknown to me and last night I was presented the award. It wasn’t on your TV or Radio but here’s a sneak peak….

So understandably, I am happy and very grateful. What a week it’s been for me on a personal point of view.

Enough of me. Let’s talk a little about Enyimba. Yesterday’s blog inspired some debate and it ranged from whether we are able to afford a player that would cost N21 million Naira. Seeing the YouTube highlights of one of the players in discuss, does he worth that much?

It then leads to the question of what players ought to cost. It’s a phenomenon throughout the football world – being able to tell exactly how much a footballer is truly worth. Take for instance a Paul Pogba that cost €100 million. His returns within the same time frame can be matched with some midfielders in certain lower clubs.

My point becomes, how do you gauge how much a player should be sold or bought for. Does Caleb Bonfils worth N21 million Naira? It’s a rhetorical question as good as he is, to what degree is he better than Mustapha or Adetunji. Yes he’s scored against us and what a goal it was, but can he reproduce such performances again and again?

I’m not in anyway saying we shouldn’t buy him. In fact, chances are that these North Africans will pay close to $50,000 for his signature, an amount I am also certain Rayon Sport will gladly gobble down. But is the solution always about buying someone better out there? Isn’t it possible that we improve what we currently have?

We have had a fair share of foreign imports who failed to do well in their time with us. In very recent times we have had the likes of Raphael Bouamsong, Mohamed Bachar, Koffi Romeo, Momo Blamo, Moussa Kasse, Ahmed Kone, Alloy Brown signings whose signings never really took off.

We’ve also have some foreigners who achieved heroic status in the club. I can quickly recall Ghanaian National team goalkeeper Edward Ansah and attacker Joetex Frimpong. There also are a couple for them currently at the club, like Farouk and Dauda.

The problem that presents itself right now is that it is clear to us that we cannot achieve all our goals based off on what the government gives us. It’s about time we started sourcing more funds to run this football club. Season tickets, sponsorships, player sales are all avenues through which money can come into the club.

I believe the future of football clubs is a disassociation from government funding. When that will happen, it’s difficult to say. But as a club leading the way for others in Nigeria, we have to start readying for this future.

Back tomorrow



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