Enyimba make inquiry for Rayon Sport stars

Good morning Guys.

We’ve been off the blog for a while. It’s been pretty quiet in the camp as the players await bonuses as they ready for the red letter day. It’s actually less than 2 weeks away – our most important clash of the season.

Truth is, although our chances are slim, there is still a chance we could pull a shock result. As far as football games happen, you’d never rule off anything till the 90 minutes is off. So yes it’s slim but yes there’s still some chance.

Onto the big news of the day. ThatEnyimbaFan has it on good knowledge that Enyimba did make inquiry about the services of Rayon Sport of Rwanda duo: Muhire Kevin and Bonfils Caleb. You know Caleb don’t you? That guy who scored the 1 from the 5-1 trashing.

To be honest, both players impressed and following an interview with Magic FM’s Tony Ademodi, they did confirm they were open to a move to Enyimba. Well Enyimba did go ahead and make inquiries about both players and the response was nothing short of shocking.

The Rwandan club slapped a combined fee of $120,000 on the players. Muhire for $60,000 and Bonfils for $60,000. That would be about N21 million. That’s give or take N40 million. Some money if you’d ask me. And oh the salary is $8000.

Enyimba’s annual budget is probably about ten times that amount but that of course also contains salaries, travel logistics and match bonuses. And of course these funds are never given all at once. Salaries and co are paid monthly when the governor releases the money for them.

Are these players worth such monies? Certain clubs in Africa are more than able to “sweatlessly” cough out this money. An Egyptian club bid $500,000 for one of our players about five years ago. We can’t boast of such financial strength but how about we nurturing the talent we have? Seeing that we can do a lot with player sales.

I think the club needs to pay closer attention to the goings on at the Enyimba feeder teams. The club needs to invest a in top quality grassroots coach/coaches and create a conducive environment for growing and harvesting players. Knowing they’ll have great value in a few years.

Beyond a shadow of doubt, we need to start generating more income for the club. I heard of a jersey sponsorship deal that almost went through couple of weeks ago. It was worth 20million a year. It went puffs last minute.

I’m not sure how to conclude this post.

Have a great day everyone.


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