Are our fringe players good enough fringe players?

If you’re a player or coach at Enyimba, how do you manage the next two weeks of your life? Here you are, having exited the local trophy route to the Continent and with no other League games to play, you are blessed with more than enough time to stew over whatever could happen in Casablanca. How do you approach that?

It would have been a different proposition if we have a lead of some sort to protect and these few days would be all about inspiring and motivating yourselves that it’s all about “Defending our lives away at Casablanca”. We would be trying out different defensive formations and personnel and the coach would be making the tough decisions on who it has to be.

Suddenly, we have more than enough days to prosecute all the games we rushed on in three days. And don’t even tell me it’s about the CAF Calendars, we could have managed ourselves lot better. And Yes I am still very pained by those fixtures and the mental, physical strain that came with it.

Then again, someone mentioned player management in the same line as these fixture management. And you wanna ask if our reserve/fringe players are even good enough. It’s funny because these guys when they are signed are usually the best from other teams.

There are a few ones who “came through our youth ranks” but the bulk of the players are supposed to be good enough to walk into any first team in the country. Isn’t that why they are in bumper salaries? So maybe some of the better players should have been left at home. Rested with feet in cotton wool…

But trust me, the management made a choice. They felt we couldn’t go past Raja and so everyone has to go and make sure we make it past the Group Stage of the Aiteo Cup. The result however is this disaster – back to back defeats in crucial games of the season.

Make no mistakes about it, I am proud of how far the boys came this season. Making it past the Group stage in the Continent was more than we had imagined. But question is, if the league had continued, would we have won it? I don’t think so. If we were in a Group that had two North Africans, would we have made it out? Answer for yourself.

We always hammer on us being true to how much we really must invest in improving the team but the players must also invest in improving themselves. If you missed hosts of chances as a striker this season, can you work on how to improve your finishing? Or good goalkeeping drills as a goalkeeper?

The internet is full of these materials. Don’t just be all about Instagramming and Whatsapping with all the data you have. Watch videos. Try out these things on the training ground. A lot of you desire to go to Europe but are you good enough as the guys in Europe?

Comparing yourselves with the guys on the training ground is only cool if you are the best there. When you become the best at the training ground then start looking at those guys in Europe. Because if you’re never as good as they are, you’ll be playing for Bendel Insurance or Dynamite Force soon.

Water always finds its true level sooner or later.

Back tomorrow



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